Where will Eli Manning play next year?

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Sure, Ben McAdoo currently is trying to smooth over something other than his hair. But no matter what the second-year Giants coach says about Eli now or for the balance of the year, the question becomes whether the Giants will move on from Eli in 2018.

He turns 37 on January 3, and he carries a cap number of $22.2 million next year. By cutting him in March with a post-June 1 designation, the cap charge for moving on would be only $6.2 million in 2018 and $6.2 million in 2019. (A trade before June 1 would result in the full $12.4 million charge hitting the cap in 2018.)

Accounting aside, the Giants may simply be ready for a fresh start. Chris Simms has mentioned a time or two on PFT Live that the Giants had interest in drafting Patrick Mahomes, who landed with the Chiefs at pick No. 10. With the Giants in a full-blown free fall, they could have their pick of most quarterback prospects in 2018.

If a move happens, what happens with Eli? Interested teams could include the Jets, Browns, Jaguars, Colts (if Andrew Luck continues to struggle to heal), Chargers (just seeing if you’re paying attention), Broncos, Washington (if Kirk Cousins leaves), Vikings (all of their quarterbacks are due to be free agents), Saints (if Drew Brees leaves), and Cardinals. While the rush for Eli may not match what the NFL saw five years ago for Peyton, there will be demand because there simply aren’t enough good quarterbacks to go around. And Eli is still a good quarterback.

Whether he’s good enough for the Giants remains to be seen.

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  1. I think the real issue here has more to do with OBJ and what will be a HUGE long term contract IF the Giants decide to retain his services.

    With Eli able to play maybe another 3 years – and OBJ looking at a minimum 5 year contract, one has to ask whether it makes sense for the Giants to be paying a guy $22 mil plus when they have no QB.

    Eli can play but the Giants afford to pay both he and OBJ $22 million and still field a contending team? Heck – they’re JUST paying Eli $20 mil now and can’t or won’t pay to have an OL to protect him. (That of course is the REAL problem that the Giants got themselves into.)

    So perhaps use a high draft pick for a QB of the future, MAYBE convince Eli to accept a much lower contract where the team can afford an OL – and maybe they still retain OBJ, though he increasingly seems not to be worth the huge money.

    It’s sad but that’s NFL economics. Eli needs to accept a less than top tier contract on a team that already has good receivers and blockers. Maybe someone overpays him to sell ticket but they won’t have the cash to contend.

    The ball is somewhat in Eli’s court – if he demands top dollar he’s gone.

  2. Interested teams could include the Jets, Browns, Jaguars, Colts (if Andrew Luck continues to struggle to heal), Chargers (just seeing if you’re paying attention), Broncos, REDSKINS

  3. I find it hard to believe anyone is dumb enough to trade for his contract. The Giants are idiots so
    They will probably keep him and Reese around next year and let macadoo be the fall guy. Manning should’ve never seen his new extension on New York but for some reason they want to keep marching him out there instead of trying to rebuild. Maybe Jacksonville with coughlin still there but they can’t carry bortles guaranteed 2018 salary and 22 mill for Eli in 18. This Guy can still play with a good line but his physical skills have clearly eroded and I don’t know about paying him 22 million per for him. His agent may have priced him outta football. At this point it looks like he is just trying to hang on.

  4. I hate to say it but don’t rule out the Vikings. Teddy has done a miraculous job of coming back but no one knows how the knee will hold up at the first bad hit. Bradford’s knee makes him an unreliable starter and Keenum is strictly a very good backup. I don’t think this is going to happen but I can see why it could make sense.

  5. Eli has a no trade clause, so its possible he’ll be traded but unlikely.
    Cutting him would save money and if the QB prospect is a bust then the Giants will be worse than the Jets.
    The Giants will get a high draft pick, so they have the opportunity to get a younger franchise QB. He can sit for a year while learning from Eli.

  6. May as well take the Saints off the list of potential suitors. Brees isn’t going anywhere especially after the Saints defensive resurrection this year.

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