Anthony Barr: Teddy Bridgewater looks “a little stronger”


The Vikings have a Wednesday deadline to decide whether to add quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to the active roster or shut him down for the rest of the season.

All indications from Minnesota have been that the Vikings will do that and nothing his teammates have to say about Bridgewater’s practice work suggests that’s a mistake. Running back Jerick McKinnon says Bridgewater is “doing things effortlessly and just being Teddy,” leaving him feeling that the quarterback is “ready” to return.

Linebacker Anthony Barr sees some positive differences from when Bridgewater was last in the lineup.

“I think he looks a little stronger,” Barr said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “The ball, I think, is traveling faster, a little further. That’s always a good thing, I guess, for quarterbacks. Other than that I think he’s doing great. So hopefully he’ll continue to improve.”

Once Bridgewater is back on the roster, the question will shift to when and if the Vikings will put him into the starting lineup. If they keep winning with Case Keenum, the push for that to happen will likely be delayed but it doesn’t sound like the roster would be too ruffled if a change is made at some point.

25 responses to “Anthony Barr: Teddy Bridgewater looks “a little stronger”

  1. Before any Packer fans chime in with snide comments about Teddy looking a little stronger means he can throw it 20 yards on the fly now, please consider your own quarterback situation right now.

  2. The stars are all aligning now so that the Vikings can win their first Super Bowl on their home field. Get your purple and gold confetti ready!

  3. There is no downside to giving Teddy a start when the coaches think he’s ready. Yes, he’s going to be rusty, but he’ll only knock the rust off by playing. If he really can’t get the job done, you go back to Keenum. That’s what a backup quarterback is there for. They put Bradford out there when they thought he was ready to come back and brought Keenum back in when it was clear he couldn’t do it. That experience didn’t seem to hurt Keenum any.

    I say let him watch as the backup against Washington and then start him in two weeks against the Rams. What’s the worst that can happen? They lose the game? Keenum probably won’t beat them either because they have a good defense and a high-scoring offense. If you want this season to be special, you have to get Teddy back in there.

  4. “Just being Teddy”…. Please he has accomplished nothing.. What universe do these people live on… Seriously

  5. Typical Vikings fans. Instead of posting positive replies about their own players. They attack divisional rivals. Matthew Stafford is better than all three Viking quarterbacks combined. Lions will win still win division. Worst franchise and fan base in professional sports.

  6. nhpats says:
    November 7, 2017 at 11:31 am
    I heard that Teddy can bench press 135lbs for almost 8 reps now!


    Don’t be jealous. With a couple years of hard work, you can get as strong as Teddy!

  7. carloswlassiter says:
    November 7, 2017 at 12:10 pm
    Teddy at 80% health is still a marked improvement over Hundley.


    How do you figure? Is Hundley averaging less than 1 TD per game?

  8. worstfranchiseinprofessionalsports
    With that handle you must be a Lions fan. Wasn’t last years playoff appearance enough to satiate the fan base for another 60 years?

  9. As much as I appreciate what Keenum has done for the team, keeping them in the playoff race and all, even in his best statistical season yet Keenum is only approaching the numbers (TD passes too) that Bridgewater got while playing in an outdated offense where he had to hand it off on 1st and 2nd down and had to make the best of it on 3rd down. When the team is ready to make the switch, I just don’t see there being a huge drop off. That being said, I’d be surprised if Teddy dressed this weekend. He’ll probably be inactive for the game and save his season debut for the Rams at home.

  10. I agree with everything gaetz23 said, except there’s no way Teddy is inactive this week. Why would you put him on the active roster if you’re just going to deactivate him? He’s ready to play. He will be the backup quarterback this week and probably start against the Rams.

  11. Can’t wait till Dec. 23 when a Packers OL cripples this dirtbag like Jack Tatum did to Darryl Stingley.

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