Gus Bradley says he’s happy for Jaguars, not looking for revenge

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There was talk going into the 2016 season about the Jaguars breaking out under then-coach Gus Bradley and making a push for a playoff spot after many years wandering in the football wilderness.

That’s not how things played out. The Jaguars opened the season with three straight losses and then followed a pair of wins with a nine-game losing streak that ended after they fired Bradley and named Doug Marrone the interim coach with two games left in the year. Marrone got the permanent job this offseason and the Jaguars have shown signs of that breakout with a 5-3 record heading into this Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

Bradley is the defensive coordinator for the Chargers now, which some might see as a chance for some revenge against the team that fired him. Bradley says that’s not the case and that he’s “more focused on us and what we have to do” than having bad thoughts about the Jaguars.

“To me, you’re happy for them,” Bradley said, via the team’s website. “You can’t not care for players that you were with for so many years.  To see them do well and play at a high level, and some of them get rewarded because of it, I think that’s cool. I’m all for that.”

At 3-5, a loss will deal a serious blow to the Chargers’ chances of sticking around a playoff race that the Jaguars would be in the thick of with another win this weekend.

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  1. It’s hard for a young QB to reach his potential when the HC is defensive oriented. It’s no accident that Blake Bortles looks like he knows what he’s doing now that Bradley is gone. Same will happen with Mitch Trubisky in Chicago if the braintrust there is smart enough to launch John Fox after this season.

  2. This is why he will not make a good head coach until he changes his attitude. Nice guy for sure, but he needs to have more of a FU attitude. If he wants revenge, what better way to fire up your defensive squad than to do it for him.

  3. Rivers has owned the Jags, particularly under Gus. The Chargers are the best 3 win team in the league. Hoping these Jags have truly turned the corner now that Gus is gone. Should be a good matchup.

  4. Bradley was the constant ‘rah rah’ cheerleader, consistently taking the blame and trying to preach education and getting better. Horrible personnel decisions, terrible play-calling, no discipline of the players, stuck on that stupid LEO defensive scheme that NEVER worked, never developed any players, the guy had no heart or soul. How does he have a job?

  5. Why would he be looking for revenge? They gave him a undeserved extension when at the time he had the worst winning % in nfl history. He should be thanking them.

  6. Chargers will end up winning, then Chargers will lose the next 5. The AFC WILD CARD is going to be a mess..Right now people think a 10-6 team will be in but that won’t happen. I PROMISE this is how the Playoffs will be.
    Raiders will end up with same record as KC but will own the tie breaker there for they will win the west. So Chiefs are 1 Wildcard team, Buffalo if they beat Chiefs will get the other wildcard spot. Pats will have home field advantage with 4 losses on the season. Steelers will get 2nd spot same record.

  7. Gus still has not had Denzel Perryman on the field this year. Perryman is perfect for Bradley’s system and will lay the wood on Leonard Fournette. Expect train wreck collisions this Jags/Bolts game.

  8. ” It’s no accident that Blake Bortles looks like he knows what he’s doing now”

    Blake Bortles is 1,657 yards, 10 tds, 5ints. No, he doesn’t look like he knows what he’s doing. He’s one game for Bortling up, and like other stars who started bad, hasn’t shown a flash of potential. He’s their Trent Dilfer.

  9. I remember watching Gus Bradley talk to Belichick midfield during pregame on NFL Wired.. Bradley was in awe standing with his legs crossed like women do.. I knew he wouldn’t last.

  10. As someone who watched Gus Bradley’s entire stint as HC of the Jags…I feel qualified in saying that he is so weak and pathetic that he couldnt get revenge even if he wanted to….

    and if the Charges do win…it wont be because of anything pansy Gus had to do with it.

    Dude made about $16m as captain of the Jaguarette Cheerleader squad….as HC was a total wimp with bad game plans.

  11. I actually believe he is happy for us. He is that kind of guy. Unfortunately being positive isn’t enough on its own to be an NFL head coach. Too many things he let slide.

    All that said, I expect the Jags to thrash the Chargers. Rivers played good against us before our defense took the huge jump this year. It won’t be like last time.

  12. Why shouldn’t he be happy for the Jags? He robbed them blind for his salary the four years he was in Jax.

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