Lions-Packers brings in low rating on ESPN

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Monday night’s game between the Lions and Packers brought in a disappointing rating on ESPN.

The game drew a 7.6 overnight rating, the worst rating for a Week Nine Monday night game since 2007, according to Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily.

The rating is down 3 percent from Bills-Seahawks in Week Nine last year. That game was the night before the presidential election, and the NFL was blaming declining ratings on Americans turning their attention to the election. But last night’s ratings were even worse.

Overall Monday Night ratings have risen slightly this season. ESPN is up 3 percent from last year.

56 responses to “Lions-Packers brings in low rating on ESPN

  1. I can see no reason to watch a Packers team with a backup QB, when I could be binge watching the new Star Trek instead. Plus, geez, I had to suffer through the awful Seahawks game on Sunday so I had enough bad football for one week.

  2. GB is hard to watch without Rodgers. I only had it on in the background b/c of fantasy while I read a book.

  3. You got two stinking teams that other than mi and wi no one cares. That is one issue the so called genius’s havent figured out: there are so many lousy teams this year and when two get matched up, which is often this year, no one cares. This Thursday you got Seattle at Arizona.
    Arizona is a dumpster fire. Who would watch? Throw in those that quit watching and those half watching due to the kneeling and its a total POS.

  4. Anti-anthem backlash or anti-ESPN backlash?

    Answer: Does it even really matter anymore?

  5. 300 channels, netflix, hulu, video streaming…. and people wonder why ratings are down. Not to mention games on 3 nights a week and a Packers team without their star player. the only surprise here is how many did watch the game. if it wasn’t for fantasy football, the ratings would be even less. And this is coming from a life long NFL and Packers fan.

  6. Due to the anthem protests, I once again did not watch.

    I only watch the NFL when my team is playing.

    I followed the game on my phone (not using the NFL or espn app), which was fine.

    There wasn’t going to be anything worth watching anyway.

  7. The league is turning over…Rodgers, Brady and other vets are closer to retirement. Until Goff, Wentz, et al start to prove themselves, the league is going to be in a state if limbo.

  8. I never knew that they were paying last night! I have lost 90% interest in the NFL. Too many so-so games due to the parity factor, referees, and arogant players. Oh Yeah, and polarized announcers & analysts.

  9. The case cold be made that American’s attention is STILL on last year’s election.

    The sport has become a dreary dirge of legal proceedings, social media spats, and clearly unfair labor practices. The excitement is drained from every play by a never-ending barrage of penalties and challenges, now made worse by an automatic video review that does nothing to improve the quality of the officiating, and in fact, increases volume of the aforementioned dirge.

    Let’s make every night football night.

  10. Everyone seems to have missed the “up 3 percent from last year” part of the article.

    Also, it’s ESPN. I love football, but I don’t have cable anymore. Lots of people going out to the bar and spending $10 on beer rather than spend $100 for bad cable channels.

  11. I DVRed the game and watched about 15 minutes and turned it off. Boring game without AR.

    Hey NFL what are you going to do when Brady, Rivers, Rothlisberger are retired? Eli Manning is already less effective and Carson Palmer is too. Lots of terrible football to watch these days.

  12. I really wonder if anyone has looked into this but the Baby Boom generation is now aging out of caring about football (ironically this age group is also the most enthusiastic about boycotting because of the kneeling), but the other flip side of that coin is that their kids (my generation) now has young or younger families and I for 1 can attest to the fact that when my kid is sleeping, I’m sleeping. So this could be in large part a generation shift that maybe the viewership is diminished, but I don’t think overall interest is diminished. I check every score the morning after on my phone and check out the stats..

  13. fwippel says:
    November 7, 2017 at 1:37 pm
    Oh, but don’t worry. We all know that the low ratings are not because of the anthem protests.


    D. Nile


    It’s a nice sentiment, but unfortunately incorrect. The protests have nothing to do with it. If the NFL would simply put out a better product, the ratings would go up. Consumers have DVRs full of prerecorded shows as well as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and dozens of other streaming products available to them, and the NFL needs to put out a better product to continue to compete for consumer’s eyeballs.

  14. When I watch sports, I want to see the best players play. In basketball, it’s LeVron James and Steph Curry. In hockey it’s Sidney Crosby. In baseball, Aaron Judge comes to mind. Tiger still draws the crowds in golf. So, a nondescript linebacker hits Rodgers and places AR’S career in jeopardy. When we lose our stars, why watch?

  15. I was a huge NFL fan, who is watching less and less now. There are so many mediocre teams, odious players, obnoxious owners and lousy announcers. Only Philly seems to be happy. I won’t even mention the anthem issue. I did watch part of the game last night only because it was GB. Do not know why anyone else would bother.

  16. AND, “the beat goes on” down the toilet…..The clueless owners (most of them) need to wake up!!

  17. NFL’s fault. If they had rules protecting QBs from being touched at all then Rodgers wouldn’t have gotten hurt and ratings would have been high. And we wouldn’t have to hears trolls saying how much the Packers suck without Rodgers…just about every Packer fan already knows this.

  18. I read something about ESPN not renewing for MNF after this contract is up. Something about how poor the ratings are. No money to be made by sponsors, sponsors want a better deal. ESPN is losing money on MNF. The networks probably aren’t showing sponsors good returns either.

    Blame whatever. The bottom line is, people simply aren’t watching it like they used to. Lost viewers are almost impossible to bring back. NASCAR has been trying to get viewers back for a decade. Not happening. The NFL will soon be pushed to one of the networks obscure sports channels that hardly anyone subscribes to. Like NASCAR has it now. It wont go away, but the money teams and players used to see will be a thing of the past. Expect some teams to not survive the shrink, especially those who can’t sell tickets or attract viewers.

  19. Aaron Rodgers must be loving the combination of low ratings for the NFL and the Packers losing since he hasn’t been playing. His next contract value is rising by the minute.

  20. Too much legal BS, anthem protests, injuries, media statements and crybaby athletes. I still am watching but not as often as I once was. I also find myself not paying attention when I do watch.

  21. It appears football fans are becoming as picky as movie goers into what they will watch. Some games are like an Adam Sandler movie that no one wants to watch and some are like a Marvel movie which everyone want to go to. Maybe the NFL is going to have to go to a flex scheduling where they move certain games from Sunday to Monday on short notice depending on the team’s recent performance.

  22. The Packers aren’t even the best football team in the state of Wisconsin. More people would have tuned in to watch the Badgers take on the Lions.

  23. Anyone with half a brain new Detroit was going to slaughter them–exactly what happened. No need to watch when you know the superior team is going to manhandle the opposition.

  24. The league could easily fix this downward trend by forcing the Steelers to play every Sunday & Monday nights.

  25. Buck and Aikman sound like A pairing of Scully and Carey.
    I know what you were trying there. But Carey was a personality not a great announcer for the last 30 years. He was slurring his words constantly throughout games.Don’t put him next to Vin Scully.

  26. Bondlake
    a nondescript linebacker hits Rodgers.
    Haha you can say his name. All Pro Anthony Barr is not nondescript. You have been watching Fabio so long you don’t know what a good LBer looks like.

  27. Actually, the dim stadium lights at Lambeau Field (as seen on TV) makes me kinda sleepy.
    For being one of the richest franchises in the NFL, they sure can make a penny stretch.

  28. bondlake says:
    November 7, 2017 at 2:46 pm
    So, a nondescript linebacker hits Rodgers.

    His name is Anthony Barr. If you don’t know about him you better ask someone because he’s going to be breaking cheese dorks for many more years to come.

  29. So many people have ditched cable and satellite this was to be expected.

    Anyone who has to see a game just goes to a dumb friends’ house. Or a bar or other public venue showing the games.

  30. I couldn’t care less if the players kneel, stand, whistle, clap, fart, burp, etc during the anthem……

    However, this if the most boring year of NFL Football in recent memory so far, and I’m watching less too….

    That’s the REAL story.

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