Lions punter gets through the night without punting

Getty Images

Lions punter Sam Martin eased into the season because of a mysterious conch-related injury, but his offensive teammates were so shellfish they didn’t let him do much Monday night.

(Yeah, I’m not even a little bit sorry for that one.)

Martin didn’t punt at all in last night’s 30-17 win over the Packers, though he did have to get up to kick off and hold for field goals and extra points a lot.

“Well, if I was just a punter, it would be a real nice, relaxing evening,” Martin said, via Michael Rothstein of “But we scored a lot, so I had to kick off a lot. But of course, that’s a good thing. Kicking off a lot and then not punting a lot is a good thing for everyone. So that’s nice.”

It was the first time it’s happened in the league since the Falcons went without punting a year ago (Nov. 4, 2016) against the Buccaneers, and it’s the first time the Lions have enjoyed such a day since Thanksgiving 1971.

The Lions had eight possessions, scored three touchdowns and three field goals, missed a field goal and fumbled.

Martin missed the first six games of the year with an offseason ankle injury, which reportedly stemmed from stepping on or dropping a conch shell on his foot. So this was a lot better.