Mike McCarthy: There’s more than one way to win

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The Packers were 4-1 when Aaron Rodgers was injured on the second possession against the Vikings. They are 4-4 now.

It’s not all Brett Hundley‘s fault, but Rodgers managed to cover up the deficiencies of the Packers.

“We all need to do better,” McCarthy said, via Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “We had an injury to Aaron Rodgers and nobody’s stepped up. No group has stepped up yet. We’ve had two games that were very similar in nature.”

In the two games before Rodgers’ injury, the Packers scored 35 points in victories over the Bears and the Cowboys. They have scored 44 total points in the three games since, including the loss to the Vikings when Rodgers was injured.

McCarthy, though, hasn’t lost faith. He said the Packers are “going to Chicago to win.”

“There’s more than one way to win in this league, and we’re fully capable of it,” McCarthy said.

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  1. Apparently there is ONLY ONE way to win for the CheeseCheaters – being only able to score and to move the ball on free plays resulting from the application of the Cheesehead loophole – a defensive presnap penalty.

    It is time that the defense also get to have a free play by a pre-snap offensive penalty and that means to go straight for the QB to cause a fumble or an interception and to profit from offensive play.

    Either close the Cheesehead loophole and prevent this sick team from gaining yards from defensive penalties that it cannot do without those penalties or open the floodgates and allow the defense to take the pig Aaron Rodgers and to smash him to the ground with all due disrespect.

    What is good for the cheese goose is good for the other guys.

  2. I know what everyone is thinking…is it too early to rename Mike McCarthy Way into some other street name?


  3. “There is more than one way to win a game… ut I am not a coach that isn’t going to find that way and these players don’t have the backbone to do it… we are doomed”

  4. Seriously, what is he even saying? He has absolutely no answer and is trying to gently shift the blame to anyone at all as long as it’s not him. He knows he’s as much to blame as any other individual, because his lack of talent and ability is on full display. I can’t stand that arrogant a$$ Rodgers and I’ve largely considered him over-rated a lot of years, but nobody can deny that he is a talented enough QB to carry that team all of these years. That is no small feat.

  5. Mike you have a team of prima donnas. There is not ONE player on the team pro bowl bound. Not one. Jordy Nelson lost his speed and is covered like a blanket now. Your best running back cant block or catch a football. Your three year QB project looks to run first pass second and needs thinking time he aint gonna get. You have no pass rush and your pass defense is the worst in football. You have no one who can step up.

  6. I’m inept, here is where I meant to put this comment not on the Morgan Burnett post. I’m acting like McCarthy…..

    The defense is the offensive group on this team. It’s so offensive that the defensive coordinator should have been fired long ago!

    Dom Capers has has no defense except his pretty boy Clay Mathews. If he goes down, the defense will be the same as the offense without Aaron Rogers.

    The two people in all of the insurance ads are the only two good players on this team. With smoke and mirrors, McCarthy has wasted Aaron Rogers entire career and he should go to. It has really been sad to watch…..

  7. So I guess we’re going to find out if he can actually coach. With Rodgers there, they were always kind of like the Dolphins with Marino, i.e. sinking or swimming with one great QB. McCarthy may actually have to earn his paycheck now.

  8. I guess the ratings for this game is gonna be low. Should be an interesting game with these two QB’s. If GB loses this game it be interesting to see what kind of positivity MM can come up with.

  9. “There’s more than one way to win in this league, and we’re fully capable of it,” McCarthy said.

    Hey Mike, you do know that you’re the only one that believes what you’re saying, right?

  10. “He said the Packers are going to Chicago to win.”

    Well, a lot of people take trips and wind up getting lost and not making it to the destination. The packers wouldn’t be the first.

  11. If I was Rodgers I’d demand a new dc and some FA defensive players that can sack a qb or cover receivers until the cows come home or be traded or 50 mil a year. I know it’s bad grammar but I’m sick of this sh….!

  12. Mike… True. You are right as rain. There is more than one way to win.

    However Sir, There is ALSO more than one way to lose.

    Give your D.C. a career adjustment, before Dom Capers gives you a career adjustment.

  13. So find one… Preferably one that does not entirely depend on riding the arm of Aaron Rodgers. The defense and run game has been far below average in Green Bay for years. It’s time for TT and Mccarthy to show they actually do anything other than marvel at A-Rod like the rest of us. TT’s recent drafts have been abysmal.

  14. He said the Packers are “going to Chicago to win.”

    So, is McCarthy saying that the Packers were trying to lose in MN and at home in Lambeau Field the last three games?

    It’s commendable that an NFL head coach is saying his team is going to win.

    To actually do it will require a significant change in the performance of the players and the staff.

    Is McCarthy capable of leading this dramatic turnaround?

  15. Other ways to win? Let’s start with finally ridding the team of Capers. Promote Eliot Wolf, dump TT. With a dearth of HCs gotta keep M cCarthy until Wolf formulates longer range plan..

  16. Maybe you can have Hundley call pass interference left or right.
    Or quick snaps to catch the defense with 12 men.
    Or the 3-19 trick for drawing the defense offsides for free plays.

    I mean, you haven’t tried any of those plays since Rodgers has been out.
    Rodgers is a master at using the refs.

  17. How about trying pass interference deep left or right?
    Drawing the defense offsides for free plays.
    Catching the defense with 12 men.

    You haven’t tried any of those great plays since Rodgers has played.

  18. If there’s more than one way to win, doesn’t that make it even more sad that your team is getting destroyed in all three phases of the game?

  19. The guy who hasn’t stepped up is McCarthy.He’s an average head coach who has benefited from having an all-time great QB cover up his deficiencies.

  20. There are truly many ways to win a game. McCarthy hasn’t figured out how to use any of them yet. As evidence, his team’s record without HOF QBs under center…

  21. Dom Capers has has no defense except his pretty boy Clay Mathews. If he goes down, the defense will be the same as the offense without Aaron Rogers.

    Mike Daniels is the best player on that front-7. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is the best player on that defense.

    Matthews is old news. 12 sacks in 18 games in 2014, only 16.5 in 41 games since.

  22. I am a Packers fan and I have not seen proof that the Packers are capable of winning more than one way. I am tired of Capers defense, I am tired of McCarthy’s play calling and tired of TT’s conservative approach. The first move I would make is to fire Capers, it can’t get any worse.

  23. The pack needs their vets to stand up, unfortunately the vets they have are either hurt Bulaga, Bennett, Randall or they are just a shell of themselves Matthews. I have never given Rodgers much respect because he plays for the packers. But that guy should have won MVP every year. TT McCarthy and Capers just road his coat tails. Wouldn’t be surprised if Rodgers is going to want a boatload of money from pack or request a trade.

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