Packers rule out Morgan Burnett for Sunday

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy offered bad news and more bad news at his press conference Tuesday.

McCarthy said safety Morgan Burnett, who had just returned Monday night from a hamstring injury, won’t play Sunday against the Bears. Burnett injured his groin in the loss to the Lions, playing 43 of 68 snaps.

Burnett missed two games after injuring his hamstring against the Cowboys last month.

McCarthy also confirmed tackle Bryan Bulaga will miss the rest of the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

“It’s very unfortunate,” McCarthy said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “He will be lost for the season with his knee injury. He’s had a stretch of bad luck this year starting with the ankle injury in the preseason.”

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  1. aarons444 says:
    November 7, 2017 at 7:17 pm
    Josh Jones has out-played him this season.


    Jones is playing well, hopefully he curbs his finger wagging after every tackle, it’s a bad look especially when your team is losing. It’s kinda like watching Zeke Elliott giving the feed me sign. Self promotion, nothing to do with the team

  2. That’s a big break for Mitch Trubisky. The Packers D looked bad against the Lions but the Bears offense is quite possibly the worst in the league, at least in the air game.

  3. Packers rule out Morgan Burnett for Sunday
    To be fair, the entire packers organization has been ruled out for Sunday as well as 2017.

  4. Packers have quit. They know their own roster. It’s garbage. No heart on that team other than Rodgers. No leaders on defense.
    Mike McCarthy is the biggest fraud in the past 10 years. And the media bought it. The guy is Norv Turner 2.0. A glorified OC who has benefitted beyond measure having Rodgers under center.

  5. Most of our team has quit on themselves. The coach is too scared to air it out. Our D is just awful. I think we need a total Defensive rebuild and a new DC… New S&C staff too… Screw it. Let’s keep AR, that kid Jones, and Rip on Offense; HHD and Daniels on Defense; Crosby on ST and kick the rest to the curb.

    This is the worst I’ve seen since I became a fan when Majik Man was throwing to Sharpe…

  6. That garbage roster has been to the NFC championship 2 out of the last 3 years and we are tied for the record on post season appearances. Meanwhile the guys doing all the trash talking haven’t won a playoff game since 2009. Keep it up, talk is cheap, but even with the pack out you guys still won’t win a playoff game…if you don’t collapse like last year.

  7. I hate it when individual guys get hurt, but I don’t feel bad for the organization. Injuries happen every year to every team. They have been to the playoffs for several years in a row. If Goff or Tyrod Taylor got hurt, I would feel bad those teams. Since their teams haven’t been to the playoffs in several years.

  8. The Packers have thrown in the towel. They will likely finish last in their division this season. They would not even give Kap a try out even though their quarterbacks are bad. It does help them in the draft in 2018 to finish as one of the worst teams in the NFL.

  9. bassplucker says:

    That’s a big break for Mitch Trubisky. The Packers D looked bad against the Lions but the Bears offense is quite possibly the worst in the league, at least in the air game.

    This could be Trubisky’s break out game.


    So far he’s had to face the Viking’s D, the Ravens D, the Panthers D and the Saints D.

    The Saints passing D is the worst he’s faced – and the Saints give up 30 fewer yards per game than the Packers passing D (you guys do remember how the Saints handled the Packers passing attack).

    Playing the Packer defense will give Mitch the opportunity to play against a defense more like the college level defenses he played against last season.

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