Papa John’s to Nazis: Don’t buy our pizza

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The good news is that last week’s strong anti-NFL remarks from Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter has won the pizza franchise a new customer base. The bad news is that it’s a customer base Papa John’s doesn’t want.

Last week, The Daily Stormer declared Papa John’s to be the official pizza of the alt-right, in an item that included an image of a pizza with pepperoni arranged in the shape of a swastika. Via, Papa John’s has essentially sent the alt-right a pizza with the pepperoni arranged in the shape of a middle finger.

“We condemn racism in all forms and any and all hate groups that support it,” Papa John’s senior director of public relations Peter Collins said in a statement. “We do not want these individuals or groups to buy our pizza.”

The alt-right attraction came from the Schnatter’s attack on the league’s lingering anthem controversy, which many believe was instigated by one of Schnatter’s business partners, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The controversy has had less troubling complications for Papa John’s, including a Twitter battle with DiGiorno’s and a claim from Pizza Hut that the key Papa John’s competitor hasn’t seen a dip in sales despite the NFL’s decline in ratings.

47 responses to “Papa John’s to Nazis: Don’t buy our pizza

  1. the alt right and nazis are not the same, not that this rag of a website would know or care to point that out. this is, afterall, the msnbc left wing bias of the sports rags.

    btw – hiLIARy lost – and it wasnt the russians that did it chicken little!

  2. Oh Schnatter, you can’t recover from last weeks gaff. And please….stop trying to look like you care about people.

  3. They posted a picture of a pizza with a swastika on it. I think that probably makes them Nazis.

  4. Oh thank you, heavenly lord of karmic pizza, for the bountiful harvest of comments this story will receive. In your name, amen.

  5. I’d love to see the narcissistic fool Schnatter go down in flames. Not to mention his pizza is horrible. Buy from mom and pop for good pizza.

  6. Maybe you should try and make a pizza that doesn’t taste like hot garbage instead of whining about the NFL ruining your revenues or what Nazis like to eat.

  7. It’s interesting that Schnatter did not make the statement after his earlier comments. Instead, he sent an errand boy.

  8. It’s well past time for some people to question their own beliefs and values when you realize that those same values attract nazis and white supremacists.

  9. pft_worse_mods_ever!!! says:
    November 7, 2017 at 6:25 am

    the alt right and nazis are not the same, not that this rag of a website would know or care to point that out. this is, afterall, the msnbc left wing bias of the sports rags.

    btw – hiLIARy lost – and it wasnt the russians that did it chicken little!
    MAGA – Morons Are Governing America. And voting for them as well.

  10. This is a conundrum. I’m not a fan of Papa John’s pizza, but I am a fan of them giving the finger to racist groups. Now I feel compelled to eat some Papa John’s in support….but I’m not a fan of their pizza.

  11. that is basically the same thing the NFL has told those of us who respect the flag….go away, we don’t want you.

  12. What Papa J doesn’t understand is that by calling the peaceful protest for racial equality a “controversy” he has already chosen which aisle he’s sitting in. When neo-Nazi’s applaud your actions, it’s time to take a deep look inside.

  13. How about this? If you like PJ Pizza buy it and enjoy. If not, buy from a different pizza place. Why do Americans have to read web blogs to decide which way to go on everything?

  14. Never mind that Budweiser, Campbell’s Soup, and other official business partners with the NFL aren’t complaining about diminished sales. Never mind that the companies that have naming rights with each stadium haven’t complained about diminished sales. Never mind that the stock market is at record highs in general. Certainly it is the NFL’s fault that Papa John’s is losing money. Or maybe Papa can look in the mirror and see who the real problem is.

  15. OK, so let me make sure I understand…. Schnatter blames the reduction in sales on the (incorrect) assumption that less people are watching the NFL due to the lingering ‘controversy’ over the National Anthem and players sitting/kneeling to protest police brutality against those of color. That makes Schnatter a racist.

    Then Schnatter says to racists, “Don’t eat my pizza because we’re not racist.

    So, which is it, Schnatter? Oh wait, I know, your overpriced pizza is not as good as your competitors. You don’t see them whingeing about reduced sales, do you?

    Papa John’s will implode in the next two years. You heard it here first, folks.

  16. Don’t worry bro, I know you’re not a Nazi. It’s just that all your friends are racists and you talked out loud about the Kenyan president so it was hard for me to distinguish you from the rest of the Trumpers.

  17. Papa John’s with the fake news it turns out! Pay for your employees health and quit being Jerry’s puppet.

  18. Poopy John’s. If tomato sauce from a can on a piece of cardboard is pizza, then that is what Poopy John’s sells. Otherwise, it is poopy.

  19. Makes good business sense. Nazis not a very big segment of the dictator-class pizza market compared to all the socialist totalitarians out there.

  20. You are known by the company you keep… sorry dude, you started this, and this is who you’re hanging with… live with it… and laugh all the way to the bank, because while people may give up football, they’re not giving up cheap slimy pizza complete with “cheese made FROM mozzarella”.

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