Texans to activate tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz from IR

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The Texans are about to have another target for Not Colin Kaepernick to throw the ball to.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans are expected to activate tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz from injured reserve this week.

Fiedorowicz was placed on IR after suffering a concussion in the opener. At the time, he was part of a blight at the position, as they had to promote a practice squader for Week Two to have a healthy one.

Fiedorowicz had a breakout season in 2016, with 54 catches for 559 yards and four touchdowns. They extended his contract through the 2020 season in August.

6 responses to “Texans to activate tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz from IR

  1. Ugh, I can’t believe all these quality receivers and Watson is done. After watching Obrien pretty much will those teams to three 9-7 years it was pretty stunning to watch it all come together with Watson. And equally amazing to see the team falter so badly after losing one player…


  2. Why do people think when a qb goes down that the team should call Kaepernick? The point of back up quarterbacks is to back up the quarterback. If they are gonna call a guy off the street they might as well carry 1 qb all season. And it’s not because he plays for the Kneelers either. The guy had a year and a half of good football then complete regression

  3. Because they think poor, coddled Colin, who only famous now because of his political protest on the field, is somehow the victim of a great injustice.

  4. People do not under about the KAP “issue” before kap was being a spoiled baby and before he though we care about his politics, he only had one good yr when they went to the SB, but it was not peppernick it was a STUD defense, Oline, future hallof fame RB Gore and TE Vernon Davis…..

    with the Texans O-line in a shambles who traded off the best Tackle to Seattle would get “good running QB” peppernick killed. he could not read defenses, handed off the ball to Frank Gore. If he had to pass it was gore or Vernon Davis or run himself, I do not think Kap is a QB who can make good trows with touch to Nuke and fuller…..

    IF Texans didnt have two swinging gate Guards savage would look pretty good …. Watson made terrible line (minus martin who plays well ) look all-pro….

  5. It’s because kaep is better than most of the backups in the NFL. He’s not in the NFL because of the distractions not because of his talent. Savage?? Really?? And Yates as the back up?? Really?? Watson had 2 wrs that he threw bombs to and they went and got em. Savage or Yates can’t do that. Kaep has an arm! He’s never played with wrs like those two. Its not rocket science! Strong arm, 2 fast wrs…. Go get it!! Enough with the protesting talks. As a fan of the NFL, I’m tired of watching these boring, dreadful games played by the backups. Enough is enough! If you’re a TRUE football fan, you’d understand. If you’re still talking about kneel this, kneel that, go watch another sport and shut up!!!

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