DeShone Kizer on A.J. McCarron: Lets me know I have to step game up


The Browns were on a bye last week, which means that quarterback DeShone Kizer didn’t have to speak to reporters in the immediate aftermath of the team’s ultimately unsuccessful bid to make a trade for Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron.

That left some time for Kizer to compose answers to the team’s interest in bringing in a player to supplant him at the top of the depth chart ahead of Wednesday’s meeting with media members at the team’s facility. Kizer said that he took the interest in McCarron as a sign that he needs to do more.

“It’s part of this business,” Kizer said, via “It has absolutely nothing to do with my development and where this team stands. It’s another way of letting me know that I need to step my game up.”

The Browns have sent that message more than once this season as Kizer has been benched in multiple games and sat out while Kevin Hogan started in one contest.

His chances of better results might be helped by a couple of returning receiving options. Corey Coleman is back from a broken hand and Josh Gordon has been reinstated from suspension. Kizer said he’s “looking forward to developing” a relationship with Gordon, who will be eligible to play in Week 13, and doing so quickly could allow Kizer to end on a high note as the Browns go into the offseason considering McCarron and other quarterback options.

16 responses to “DeShone Kizer on A.J. McCarron: Lets me know I have to step game up

  1. Kizer has no game to step up to begin with.

    Dude stunk in college and somehow the narrative was that Cleveland got good ‘value’ with Kizer in the second round after passing on far better prospects both this year and last.

  2. You didn’t know you needed to step up your game until the team tried to trade for another quarterback? Wasn’t the 0-8 record a sign?

  3. “It has absolutely nothing to do with my development and where this team stands.”
    It has everything to do with that. If you were developing well and they were winning a few games, they would not be looking for a new QB. The fact you have not been developing and the team is winless is why they need a new QB.

  4. I’m so split on this. Dak Prescott, Wentz, Watson – they’re outliers. Kizer is a dude that is 8 games in to his career, and we’re already talking about discarding him forever. Development? There is no development allowed anymore apparently. Even Jameis Winston, for all of his goofiness – he is 23 freaking years old. Newsflash – 23yr olds are idiots more times than not. Quick fixes are not the norm and people should just chill out. Especially Browns fans, shouldn’t you guys be used to going 2-14 by now? What’s another half season of letting a rookie be a rookie

  5. Really? It took that botched trade to let you know that you need to step your game up? Not your 3:11 TD:INT ratio or 51.1 QB rating?

  6. This is a team that drafted Johnny Manziel but passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. The Browns have no clue what they’re doing. Perhaps the league should force out the ownership group and get some people in there who have a clue about how to run a football team. Browns fans deserve better than this Mickey Mouse operation

  7. I think Kizer will be just fine and be a franchise QB for a long time.For one thing he is not physically fragile like the other QBs they’ve had lately. He just needs a better HC,a better OC, & some legitimate weapons around him.

    If not for the Pilot/Flying J federal trial going on he might have had a new GM and HC by now, but it needs to happen after this season wraps up.

  8. Oh yeah……Kizer will end up on a high note just as soon as he establishes a relationship with Gordon….wink wink.

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