Hue Jackson says Josh Gordon returns a different, better person

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Browns coach Hue Jackson welcomed a “different” Josh Gordon back to the team facility. On Wednesday, the wide receiver joined his teammates for the first time in more than a year.

Jackson said Gordon isn’t the same person he was in 2016.

“I don’t think he’s [being untruthful],” Jackson said Wednesday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’s had his butt kicked up over his shoulders quite a few times. At some point in time you mature. What I see is a guy who’s grateful for the opportunity to be back here, grateful to have the opportunity to be in the National Football League and wants to have a better life.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally reinstated Gordon last week. Gordon can work out on his own and attend meetings before returning to practice Nov. 20 and to the field Dec. 3.

“It’s a two-way street,” Jackson said. “We also have to earn his trust. Over time it will show itself where we are, but we’re going to support him, and we’re going to give him every opportunity to do the things that he needs to do to be a part of this football team.”

The question now is: Can Gordon become the player he was in 2014?

Gordon said Wednesday his goal is to “become the best wide receiver of all time.”

24 responses to “Hue Jackson says Josh Gordon returns a different, better person

  1. Not rooting for this guy at all. He messed up multiple times. Why should he be given another chance at his job when there are plenty of guys willing to work hard and take his place doing it the right way. He was blessed with speed and ability so he gets another chance.

  2. The Browns have to earn his trust. Jackson said that really??? And I thought I’d heard it all. No wonder they lose and lose and lose.

  3. Until he lines up a thousand bottles of beer, a thousand joints and lines of coke for everyone in the locker room. Guy has so much talent, but to me he lost he chance, how many do you want to give him?

  4. Josh is a different better person. His name is Irwin Mortimer now. However he’s also 5-9, 155 pounds and runs a 5.5 second 40 yard dash, so don’t expect him to set the league on fire.

  5. Hopefully with Josh being a different person, he’ll influence Hue to be a different coach.

  6. He’d have been better off at a more stable organization. He needs a disciplined and structured environment. The Browns oscillate from roller-coaster to train-wreck.

  7. I’m amazed at the number of people who are willing to throw another human being on the trash heap.

  8. Not a browns fan, and not a fan of the game the way I used to be. BUT I am a fan of seeing people overcome adversity, and learning from a pattern of horrible choices. I will definitely root for him and pray for him at the same time. We all deserve the opportunity to right the wrongs in our lives, especially if those wrongs have done more damage to us then others. Godspeed to him!

  9. Hopefully Hues finally right once this year.

    Why do we root for athletes? (That supposlidly hate us). Maybe it’s a few things. They play for the city/town we grew up in. We know someone close to them. We see a small part of ourselves in them. Does it matter? It is still a free country.

  10. Gordon was sure fun to watch when he played before and maybe he can fly right this time around. The Browns need all the help they can get! I would like to see him go to a team with a good coaching staff that can get the most out of him. The Browns should be able to get something for Gordon, perhaps another player or a draft pick.

  11. DIFFERENT – is that what you call an athlete who is 3 years removed from being in game shape and who’s body has become less limber and slower?

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