Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott playing at highest level in NFL

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Dak Prescott is playing as well as any quarterback in the NFL right now. That includes MVP candidates Carson Wentz and Tom Brady.

So much for critics’ predictions of a sophomore slump.

“I feel like I’m playing well,” Prescott said Wednesday, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “I’m seeing the field, studying; I’m preparing the right way. I’m able to go out there on Sunday and just let it go and play within myself and have fun and get all these guys the ball, and it’s been working.”

Prescott has completed 63 percent of his passes for 1,818 yards with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions. He also has averaged 7.5 yards per carry and has run for four touchdowns.

That despite the distractions the Cowboys have faced this season.

“I think he’s playing at the highest level in the NFL right now,” Jones said after the Cowboys’ victory over the Chiefs.

Yet, five quarterbacks and a running back currently have better MVP odds than Prescott, who outplayed Alex Smith on Sunday. Prescott received one vote last year to finish sixth in MVP balloting. Teammate Ezekiel Elliott tied for third with six votes.

Prescott has better stats after 24 games than many of the NFL’s top quarterbacks had at the same point in their careers.

“It’s definitely humbling to be in that conversation, to be with those guys, but it’s only 24 games,” Prescott said. “It’s only the beginning.”

26 responses to “Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott playing at highest level in NFL

  1. I’m sorry, but how can anyone argue against Wentz playing at the highest level? Lol, except Cowboy fans that were born and raised in Deleware, Jersey, PA and have never even been to Texas. Most of them are Lakers and Yankees fans, too.

  2. What a find in the 4th round. I sure wish my Bears had taken a flyer on him that year in the Draft, rather than use their two 4th round picks on…whoever it was they chose.

  3. Speaking of Sunday the Chiefs and their 29th ranked D played extremely soft coverage.. the secondary played 5 to 10 yards off man for most the game and gave him all the underneath stuff. At one point the single high safety was 15 yards off so that really isn’t that impressive

  4. I like Dak, but out of NFL passers he’s currently 19th in yards, which isn’t quite the best, Jerrah. And if Dak doesn’t start learning to love the pocket over the next few years, the biggest most expensive ring he’ll get will be when his surgeon phones him.

  5. Mr. Prescott has yet to reach his true potential. In another year, he will be the QB, children will attempt to simulate. Regardless, to what team their Parents follow. In most/many cases, players picked in the later rounds of the draft, end up having Hall of Fame Careers. I see Dallas, winning 2-3 Super Bowls with Mr. Prescott under center. Of course, barring the dreaded knee injuries many sustain. As for the injury to the knees, until someone develops a Shoe that allows players to pivot with their full body weight in tow, injuries will continue. Doesn’t matter what rules are changed.

  6. Jerry Jones is an embarrassment the NFL! He is a child. He wants other players to abide by the league rules and accept their suspensions but when it comes to his players he is willing to fire the commissioner,turn on other owners, use every dirty method possible to allow Elliott to play. The rules are clear and The commissioner made his ruling but it didn’t go in Jones’s favor. What a bully and classless individual. No amount of money or notoriety will give you any class Jones.

  7. He’s certainly looked great. But there’s no better luxury as a qb than having a great running back and a great o line . It seems like he has all the time to make throws back there . In two weeks the leagues top rushing d and top d line will be headed to Dallas.

  8. Good grief the Cowboys are butt hurt over the success of the Eagles and Carson Wentz. It is so obvious and laughable. You have the Cowboys mouth-piece Skip Bayless and Owner Jerry Jones and countless others just trying to sway the public that Dak is playing better than Wentz.

    Look… Dak played better last year (I think it was due to what he had around him compared to Wentz but whatever the reason, he played better last year PERIOD). And he is playing great again this year too. Dak is a very good and steady QB…

    But Carson Wentz is still playing better this year. His stats are better, his teams record is better, and even apart from those things… Its the things that people don’t look at. Wentz is the #1 QB on 3rd down (by a wide margin) and also #1 against the blitz (yet Skip Bayless tries to say he is a deer in headlights lol).

    Cowboys… Let it go. Wentz is elite. I know that drives you crazy cause it overshadows your good QB. But it’s the truth and you need to live with it.

  9. Oh no… No one is talking about my players in a good way. Highest Level and well as any other quarterback is laughable. We are not comparing fantasy stats Jerrah.

    19th in passing
    5th in TD
    8th in QBR
    15th Completion %
    22nd yards per attempt

  10. Blah Blah Jerrah just can’t shut up, can he? As Big Tuna said about Romo when he was getting tons of praise for a few early victories, “you may want to put away the anointing oil just yet.” Dak’s stats are good but not great, and he has yet to win a playoff game. At least Dak has a head securely on his shoulders about it all. Can’t imagine working for a loudmouthed delusional clown who does everything he can to embarrass and target his guys in the public eye.

  11. No he isn’t even close. His stats disprove he is at the highest level. He has an exceptionally low passing TD rate. That alone makes him mid-level at best.

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