Jets have no “prerequisite” to see Christian Hackenberg in lineup

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Before the regular season got underway, one of the questions about the Jets was how long it would be before they turned to Christian Hackenberg at quarterback.

The season has not played out as poorly as many expected, however, and Josh McCown‘s play has been one of the biggest reasons for that success. McCown is completing 70.4 percent of his passes and has a 13:7 touchdown to interception ratio for the 4-5 Jets, which has created more chatter about bringing McCown back than about a need to take a look at Hackenberg.

McCown’s still 38, though, and the Jets presumably still would like to know what, if anything, the 2016 second-round pick has to offer. General Manager Mike Maccagnan was asked about that during a session with reporters on Wednesday and said he was neither ruling out a McCown return nor pressing to get Hackenberg his first regular season action.

“I don’t think there’s any prerequisite of what we need or don’t need to do,” Maccagnan said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

There are still seven games left this season and they could bring injuries or other developments that force the Jets to make a move at quarterback. Until they happen, there’s little reason to think the Jets will rock a boat that’s proven seaworthy thus far.

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  1. My past comments about the Jets QB situation that I made during the off-season are coming true:

    I had predicted the Jets would sign a washed-up journeyman (DING!) who would play well enough to be in the hunt for a playoff spot (DING!) but not good enough to get them in (DING!), therefore forcing the team to give said washed-up journeyman another year, and pushing them far enough down the draftboard to miss out on the elite franchise QB’s, setting the franchise back…again.

    Even when the Giants suck this much, I am happy I’m not a Jets fan. Although I do pull for my Jet fan friends!

  2. @mikejune

    Best of luck to your team man, hopefully you guys can McAdoo and Reese and get back on track, but I gotta disagree with you here. The Jets GM has done a good job considering the hand he was dealt. Lee, Williams, Adams, Maye, Anderson, Shell (when healthy), McGuire, and Jenkins have been good draft picks and have given the Jets something to work with. Picking up Davis, Carpenter, ASJ, and resigning Brian Winters have been good long term acquisitions as well. I don’t think Jets fans should worry about QB’s in this draft Rosen has injury concerns, Darnold looks like Sanchez 2.0, Lamar Jackson needs another year, and the jury is still out on Mayfield. With the free agent QB class with Cousins and Smith plus Andrew Luck seemingly on the ropes in indy the Jets are better served giving the young guys a taste of how it feels to win and picking up an OLB early in the draft which is something they have lacked since John Abraham and would bring their defense to the next level.

  3. This season shows how silly it was to start McCown. He’s just good enough to make the jets mediocre. What is the point of playing him? It would be different if he was 30 but he’s 38. They must find a QB and McCown only hinders that.

    The jets let Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker leave and that gave an opportunity to see what their young WRs can do. Now they Jets see they actually have some decent talent there. If they add a true #1 type WR then guys like Kearse and Anderson and Enunwa are pretty solid crew.

    Hackenberg simply hasn’t played enough, not even in practice, to know what he can do. If the Jets thinks he’s a bust, then they should have traded him. He is a great QB physically, bug with a strong arm and actually ran a good 40 for a QB. I guarantee some team would have sent the Jets a late round pick for him.

    If they still think he can be good, then he should have gotten all the reps in camp and started games. If he stunk then at least you’d have an answer going into next year instead of finding yourself in the same situation only mccown is 39.

  4. I don’t know why this is still even a question. Many times, a QB is great in college but can’t adapt to the Pro game. I would love to say this is the case for Christian Hackenberg.

    Unfortunately, I can’t. The fact is that Hackenberg was an average to below average college QB who never showed anything that should have led anyone to believe he could possibly be a starting QB in the NFL.

    Remember when the narrative was that Hackenberg suffered from Bill O’Brien leaving and that the reason his stats plummeted his last year was because James Franklin couldn’t coach offense?

    Umm….Yeah. About that.

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