Packers cut Martellus Bennett

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Martellus Bennett‘s time in Green Bay is over.

The Packers cut Bennett today, Field Yates of ESPN reports. The Packers used the failed to disclose a medical condition designation on Bennett, who didn’t play last week and wasn’t expected to play this week because of a shoulder injury.

Bennett hasn’t been much of a factor this season, with 24 catches for 233 yards. The $6.3 million signing bonus the Packers paid Bennett now looks like a major mistake for a team that doesn’t usually make free agency mistakes. It’s possible that the Packers will try to recoup some of that signing bonus, depending on the nature of the alleged undisclosed medical condition.

Bennett has said he plans to retire after this season, so it’s possible he has played his last game. He will now be subject to waivers, so if some team wants him and he wants to keep playing, he could be claimed tomorrow and play for another team as soon as his shoulder is healthy.

105 responses to “Packers cut Martellus Bennett

  1. Good! You can take your overrated, spoiled self to the unemployment line with your buddy, Kaep where you 2 belong. Take your bro too while you’re at it.

  2. Bennett only wanted the money. He took the bonus and then dogged it. He’s been a head case most of his career (like his brother). Without Rogers, he has not value.

  3. “…looks like a major mistake for a team that doesn’t usually make free agency mistakes.”

    We make an enormous free agency mistake every year. Ted thinks that we don’t need to participate in free agency (or have good drafts). That is a huge mistake. And on the rare occasion we do participate in free agency – Ted swings and misses more often than not. The truth about Ted and McCarthy has finally become glaringly obvious – they blow.

  4. gbpackfan3 says:
    March 10, 2017 at 6:45 pm
    Not thrilled with this move. Woulda been happier to bring back Cook. Bennett wanted to get “overpaid” and I’m sure he’s gonna be

    65 48 Rate This


    Knew this was a mistake from day 1

  5. Lmfao. GB is the joke of the NFL. Wait until they lose to the Bears and Browns. Man, this is entertaining.

  6. But Ted Thompson is a great GM…just ask him…probably looking for more 7th picks to use in the draft…after he releases his draft picks from 2 years ago

    You have him confused with the head coach.

    McCarthy is the guy that will talk about how great he is.

    Thompson is almost never seen or heard from.

    .. and FYI, not counting 2017, 22 of 24 picks from 2014-2016 remain in the League.

  7. Couldn’t have happened soon enough. Hands of stone. Meanwhile Cook continues to make Thompson/McCarthy look foolish every week…

    As does cutting Hyde and Hayward

  8. Probably a good move. His blocking was okay, but it was stunning how bad he was at catching passes. I don’t think the dude could catch a cold.

  9. Sucks for Green Bay.

    Meanwhile, Cook is the only receiver that can catch a football for the Raiders.

    Everybody else reminds me of Roberto Duran…Hands of Stone.

    Carry on.

  10. Martellus Bennett, a Pro Bowl (or better) talent with a head screwed-on so poorly that he actually dislikes Jason Witten.

  11. He’s been garbage all season. It’s hard to blame them for cutting him. He came in with such fanfare, but has been nothing but a pain in the butt all season long.

    At least his brother can still play.

  12. The trolls will blast TT, but it looked like a fantastic move six months ago.


    Trolls blasted BB for letting him walk after a good season and a super bowl victory too. But the proof is in the pudding now. BB knows what he’s doing while TT does not.

  13. myvietnamwasfightingtheclap says:

    November 8, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    That bonus money is gone. They won’t get a penny back. Packers need to clean house. Front office and coaching staff are almost as good as the Bears.

    …….not necessarily. false pretenses would void the contract….therefore, he may have to give the money back.

  14. Green Bay fans seem happy he’s gone and claim he’s a locker room issue. Bills fan here but he seemed incredible for Pats last year on and off field. I never looked at him as a problem. I was happy he was out of the division. Most likely he’ll come back to Pats for a reduced price and be huge in playoffs like Blount was when Steelers cut him. Ugh.

  15. For once, the peanut gallery here was right about a player. Aaron’s gone and he doesn’t want to play anymore.

  16. Cook, 2016 – 30 rec, 377 yards, 1 td

    Bennett, 2017 – 24 rec, 233 yards

    Get over it guys. The only thing that sepreates these two is a reception in a Playoff game.

    Hyde and Heyward, yeah, that I get. But goodness, lets not pretend Dom would have had the same success with them that they’re having elsewhere!! DO you really think the defense would be better with Dom still here?!! C’mon!! We’re smarter than this, aren’t we??!

  17. Really thought it was a great signing but I am a moron so who knows……all I have to say is it doesn’t surprise me how quick Packer fans have turned on TT and McCarthy. This just shows how good Rodgers is because I saw the Pack deep in playoffs this year and now the team should be blown up. Not trolling but as a Viking fan I must agree that with how long Rodgers has been elite the talent around him has been amazingly bad. I understand picking later in the rounds equals less major impact players available but jeez Packer fans should be upset with how bad the front office has been over the last decade.

  18. Well, they do overpay Super Bowl winners…
    exactly, it’s not like he didn’t tell them what they were getting. Belichick still might wring something out of him that nobody else can. He was a boy scout under adult supervision, just like Moss, Dillon, etc. Even got good production out of a triple murderer!

  19. For once, the peanut gallery here was right about a player. Aaron’s gone and he doesn’t want to play anymore.

    Oh, I highly doubt we’ve seen the last of him.

    I’m more worried he’s going to hire Bus Cook, and get seperation advise from one Brett Lorenzo Favre.

  20. Nobody even wanted Bennett until he became a Patriot. Then all of the sudden he’s a hot commodity. Unfortunately Brady and Belichick don’t come with him.

  21. wib22 says:
    November 8, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    Didn’t disclose an injury, welcome back to the Pats…

    Since you spend your time trolling rather than learning thought you would benefit from an explanation of how things work: There are 28 teams that could claim him off waivers before New England would get the opportunity. If he gets that far they would simply wait for him to clear rather than take on his contract. They could then sign him to an incentive based deal for the rest of the season.

  22. He’s already checked out based on his effort on the field. He drops half the passes that go his way.

  23. Remember when he was late to training camp and I said not a good sign? Turned out I saw it clearer than the packers. Hahaha

  24. I have no problem telling the Packers they screwed up, since I said it when they signed this tool and let Cook go. Cook was nothing great, but his speed opened up the passing game, his attitude was great, and he loved being a Packer.

    Their season is over anyway with the team and esp the coaches they have. I would hope they’d put Janis at TE just to see what might happen. Richard Rodgers has no potential to be anything good; Kendricks is a decent backup. Janis is stronger than Rodgers, and would create huge matchup problems with his 4.4 speed. He’s 6-3 220, strong and fast. What the heck, throw him out there and see what happens. Hundley, unlike Rodgers, would throw to him.

  25. skyflyer63 says:
    November 8, 2017 at 5:23 pm
    Looks like Bennett and the Patriots withheld info about Bennetts shoulder injury.
    Bennett signed with Green Bay as a free agent. Exactly what is it you think the Patriots did?

  26. Martellus Bennett always comes off like he’s not playing with a full deck. Still remember that scene from “Hard Knocks” where a sulking Marty had to be coddled by a coach to apply himself.

  27. 4sacroc says:
    November 8, 2017 at 7:03 pm
    That boy’s got a lotta quit in him.
    Agreed that seems to be a big problem with Packer players quitting on their coaches, their teammates, the season.

  28. And so goes “The Legend of the Black Unicorn”.. The dude is just plain weird. Football should be his last priority. He should just stick to writing his cartoons or what the hell ever it is he does in his spare time.

  29. Pack fans were drooling over him. Im thinking did you not see he was prob 35 lbs heavier, slower than a mule and pretty much dis interested in winning or even playing. He was a shell of last year and they kept making excuses how he will be the real deal. Like his bro he was taking a knee to

  30. This whole situation is pretty strange. He dropped a lot of passes this season but the TEs behind him are not good, so it’s not like someone better is waiting in the wings. I could see an offseason cut but midseason is weird.

  31. Called a head case. He was a perfect gentlemen in NE and if he wants to finish up the year here I would be more then happy to take him back

  32. Rodgers goes down and the Packers fold like a cheap suit. Players faking injuries to stay off the field. What’s next, Fabio gets a hair cut? It’s the end of the world in packerland

  33. skyflyer63 says:
    November 8, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Looks like Bennett and the Patriots withheld info about Bennetts shoulder injury.
    Is it possible to be less informed about how the NFL works? Bennett’s deal with NE ended last year. He was a free agent this year and could have signed with anyone. The Packers did whatever due diligence they deemed appropriate and decided to offer him a big money deal –

    I suspect he’s not really injured though – he just doesn’t want to waste the last 7 games of his NFL career playing for a team that with no QB that is destined to finish 4-12.

  34. skyflyer63 says:
    November 8, 2017 at 5:23 pm
    Looks like Bennett and the Patriots withheld info about Bennetts shoulder injury.

    He was a free agent. The Patriots had nothing to do with the deal. They did show disinterest though, its up to Green Bay to decide if that is a point worth considering before offering him the bank.

    Also its worth noting that if Belichick actually had called up Green Bay and said “dont hire this guy” (like some of you seem to think he should have) then Bennett would have had Gregaros representing him for that.

  35. wib22 says:
    November 8, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    Didn’t disclose an injury, welcome back to the pats where they cheat all the time?
    No other team is going to pick up Bennett and pay him per his current deal, so yes, I think it is inevitable he returns to NE and helps them crush your team later this season.

    Is this hilarious or what?

  36. skyflyer63 says:
    November 8, 2017 at 5:23 pm
    Looks like Bennett and the Patriots withheld info about Bennetts shoulder injury.
    I’m not that surprised you had as many as 1 in 3 fellow salty ignorant thumbups – the Pats offered free agent Marty a 1yr contract ($6M), he just went elsewhere for more money (3yr, $21M, more guaranteed). If the Pats knew he was hobbled and incapable of playing anymore, why make any decent offer?

  37. There’s no way he goes back to Chicago or NE or anywhere he’s been before. Those teams know his work ethic. And by his tweets about this being his last year and the effort he’s shown this year, why would anyone pick him up? Just retire and count your millions, dude.

  38. Everyone is ragging on Marty.
    I really like him.
    He worked his ass off, and took a beating for the Pats.
    I love his abstract thought process through interviews.
    He loves his family, and talks about them with fatherly love.
    He seemed like a good teammate, and citizen.
    What is not to like about this guy?
    If he can play, I say line him up with Gronk!
    Best wishes, Marty!

    Go Pats!

  39. They probably figured since they don’t have a passing game, they could save a buck or two getting rid of receivers. Of course, to get any of the bonus money back, they have to make it look like it’s the player’s fault, hence the “did not inform us” dismissal.

  40. screamingyellowzonkers says:
    November 9, 2017 at 7:09 am

    And the packer implosion continues.

    Love all the GB fans now claiming it was a bad signing after claiming in March it was the final piece to a super bowl.

    Where’s the popcorn?

    Umm, until Rodgers went down. They were the favorite to go. I don’t get your point here.

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