Thomas Rawls back to Seahawks’ lead running back role amid Eddie Lacy injury

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The fact that Chris Carson remains the leading rusher among running backs for the Seahawks a full month after a serious ankle injury landed him on injured reserve speaks to the struggles Seattle has had to find consistency on the ground this season.

Seattle had wanted to give Eddie Lacy an extended look beginning last Sunday against the Washington Redskins. However, Lacy injured his ankle after gaining 20 yards on six carries. That injury has once again elevated Thomas Rawls to the lead role in Seattle’s backfield morass.

Rawls is expected to handle the lion’s share of the carries for the Seahawks Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals. Rawls gained 39 yards on nine carries last week for the Seahawks and caught two passes for 31 yards as well.

“Thomas came in and looked like the Thomas of old, very poised and calm, not trying to press and do too much,” offensive line coach Tom Cable said.

However, he has just 98 yards for the season on 39 carries, which yields an average of just 2.5 yards per carry. While the rushing attack was able to take a small step forward last week, it’s far from the production Seattle would like to see on the ground. While Lacy hasn’t officially been declared out for this week, the chances of playing on a short week are slim. That gives Rawls another chance to carry the load with J.D. McKissic and C.J. Prosise set to serve in complementary roles.

“We love Thomas. He’s going to be our guy and we’ll ride with him,” offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “He has history with us and he’s done a great job for us.”

12 responses to “Thomas Rawls back to Seahawks’ lead running back role amid Eddie Lacy injury

  1. Thomas Rawls is a great back. Seems like a good dude and team player but needs to be patient and slow it down a step to allow his o-line to set up his blocks. I get he’s fighting for an NFL career and to prove he can be Seattles #1 but one play at a time young fella.

    But I sure as heck wish Chris Carson didn’t get hurt. That dude is money.

  2. I like Rawls better ten any back the Hawks have. The issue for them is the line. Proof: see how Alex Collins who was clearly their worst back last year is doing with the Ravens. Behind even an average line Rawls, Lacy, Carson would be fine.

    It’s the line that’s the problem!!

  3. The Seahawks running game is almost as bad as the Packers – and part of the reason is the prolific production they (the Seahawks) got out of Eddie Lacy…. (sarcasm font on)

    Of course – the real reason that Seattle is in front of the Packers is that Russell Wilson is the the Seahawks leading rusher. Brett Hundley does have more rushing TD’s than Wilson though (Hundley also has more rushing TD’s than TD passes for the Packers).

    Both teams could have had AP as their running back this season – and both would be better off if they had.

    This is a strange season.

  4. Chris Carson took Alex Collins spot on the roster. Hindsight is 20/20 but no one was thinking to release Rawls or Lacy to keep Collins. Especially with the way Carson was playing.

  5. The problem is the O line. If they had kept Alex Collins, he would still be getting very few yards as a Seattle running back. Even the Beast Mode won’t get too many yards with that awful O line.

  6. Rawks is head and shoulders better than Lacy, and Fat Eddie had no business starting in front of him to begin with. Carson going down was a huge blow, but hopefully Rawls can stay healthy. The more Russell runs the more it will open up the running game for the RB. The line sucks, but the absolute weakest link for the offense is Darrell Bevell.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a running back who has the angle, full head of steam, one yard from a first down, stiff arm a cornerback and get pulled straight to the ground by that arm in .1 seconds before falling forward to move chains. I had to replay that 5 times to finally believe it happened. Rawls has a glaring problem of not being able to ‘glance forward’ on contact. The guy pulls a reversal and squares up a tackler straight on and just gets blown up right where they made contact.

  8. sweetnlow44 says:

    “…The line sucks, but the absolute weakest link for the offense is Darrell Bevell.”

    I must disagree, The line does indeed suck – He who WHO coaches the O-Line is the source of the problem. Pete and John have placed too much faith in his “ability” to coach a O-line much less
    teach mid-round picks to block and make the team. If Cable was such a great coach, wouldn’t he be a head coach somewhere?
    I’ve lost all patience for Tom Cable.

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