Jameis Winston apologizes for starting fight that led to suspension


Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has some time to reflect, since he’s taking a few weeks off to rest and rehab his injured throwing shoulder.

And from the sounds of things, he won’t be starting any more fights with opponents while he’s not playing.

Via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Winston apologized for triggering the fight that led to teammate Mike Evans‘ suspension, which began when he poked Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in the back of the head.

That led to Evans coming across and blindsiding Lattimore, which led to a scrum, which led to a suspension, which leads to the Bucs being without two of their best offensive players this week.

I just want to apologize on behalf of my teammates and Mike Evans for the incident that happened in the Saints game,” Winston said. “That’s something I can’t do. In the heat of the moment, again, my competitive nature, obviously I can’t come onto the field and make any gesture towards an opponent, let alone touch him. So I can’t do that, so I apologize for that.”

In conjunction with the fine, Evans is out a game check of $40,588. Winston also said he expected to be fined.

16 responses to “Jameis Winston apologizes for starting fight that led to suspension

  1. I want to apologize on behalf my teammates and Mike Evans. MIKE EVANS REALLY! how about a apology to Marsham Lattimore and the Saints. Pathetic me first players.

  2. Notice a trend with ole Famous. He’s always apologizing for something. Bucs aren’t going anywhere with him. He’s no leader. Remember Josh Freeman looked good one year, too.

  3. Just when I was starting to think the stories about this guy weren’t true, he pulls that crap.

  4. At least Evans admitted immediately after the game that he (Evans) had messed up. It is good that Winston finally apologized, but that apology should have come much sooner.

  5. It’s no wonder this team isn’t living up to the preseason hype . . . he’s a team captain.

  6. Odd how these players want to point at police for the unnecessary violence yet look how they act on field and then can apologize and all is well.

  7. The Bucs aren’t going to be without two of their best offensive players this week. Winston has been a liability as much as an asset. They’ll miss Evans but Winston not so much. Perhaps they should play better defense and run the ball on offense more. Just an idea.

  8. Winston is proving to be the knucklehead we saw at Fla State. It was awkward to watch the seasoned veterans feebly go along with his silly rants on Hard Knocks. Now with the season in the tank, he’s proving to his coach, his teammates and management that he lacks the maturity and smarts to be the face of the franchise. Bucs would be wise to hire him a life coach

  9. Remember a big deal was made out of Winston’s man crush on Tom Brady and them getting together after their game earlier this season? If JW really admired the way Brady conducted himself, would he poke opponents from the sideline? Would he EAT W’S like a frantic child? Would he avoid hitting receivers in stride? Maybe Winston should spend the entire offseason with Brady, or any competent, adult quarterback.

  10. Winston had problems in college that he said were due to “immaturity” and apologized each time he did stupid things back then. Now several years into the NFL, he is still doing stupid things. Is he still claiming “immaturity”? Winston at least should pay Evans’ fine. Could it be that Winston will be an entitled, spoiled, jerk no matter what stage of life he is in?

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