Jerry Jones accuses Arthur Blank of lying about Goodell extension

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There may not be enough popcorn for this one.

With Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatening litigation, and with any plaintiff needing some theory of law on which a lawsuit can be based, the strategy is becoming more clear. Jones apparently plans to accuse the Chairman of the Compensation Committee of exceeding the mandate they received in May to negotiate a new contract for the Commissioner.

Chris Mortensen of has obtained a letter from the team’s general counsel to the NFL and all owners articulating the concerns regarding the negotiations on a new five-year deal for Roger Goodell.

Jason Cohen writes that Jones “has discovered a number of very concerning issues,” including a contention that Falcons owner Arthur Blank, the chairman of the Compensation Committee, has “misled” the owners not serving on the committee, and that “critical facts” have been misrepresented to them. Among other things, Cohen claims Blank told owners that the Compensation Committee would vote unanimously on the deal given to Goodell, even though Jones claims that the committee is not currently unanimous.

“Commissioner Goodell’s contract extension is a substantial commitment by the Owners, as more than $200 million is at stake, on top of the $200 million already paid to him,” Cohen writes. “This is in addition to the unique and largely unfettered power exercised by the Commissioner. Ownership can’t have the Chairman let us down again.”

Coincidentally, the Falcons and Cowboys play on Sunday in Atlanta.

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  1. Jones backed Goodell when it suited his purposes. He was for the original Brady suspension, but mainly because the Cowboys were scheduled to play the Patriots in the first four games of the season. He’s against domestic abuse, but employed Greg Hardy and stand by Elliott. He was for the Goodell extension until he wasn’t. He really doesn’t care about the league, only himself.

  2. The league railroaded Brady and Kraft sucked it up for the good of the NFL. The league suspends Elliott for DV and Jones throws a tantrum like a petulant child

  3. Why does it seem like Jerry Jones is the only owner who realizes that Roger Goodell is a cancer and needs to be removed asap. How is something so obvious to the rest of us apparently not sinking in to anyone in ownership except Jones.

  4. This billionaires club when you look at it,is comical.When is enough money enough? I guess to these heavy hitters it’s never enough.Sad thing, jokes on us.

  5. Jerry Jones is doing gods work. Anyone with a brain can see that Goodell is an incompetent stuffed suit who has made a mess out of every controversial issue that he faced. He is completely in over his head.

    The owners would extend Goodell at their own peril. They are the ones with billion dollar investments that Goodell is in the process of destroying.

  6. Jerry is going up against people who have his same power. This isn’t like when he ran his mouth about his coach Jimmy Johnson. He needs to be careful, this could be the end of him. And for what, Elliot being suspended? At least Kraft kept his mouth shut

  7. The NFL wants to know why fans are running. You got the greedy ego of Jones now calling fellow owners a lying no good, I bet Gödel is loving every minute of this.

  8. Goodell has to go. He’s lust lied too many times, has lost all trust – fans, key owners, players. League needs a new start with some integrity.

  9. He’s accusing the head of the competition committee of misleading the owners but he is an owner and apparently has let every other owner know his feelings for quite some time now and they still won’t back him.

    He is threatening to sue the owners because they won’t do what he wants them to do, nothing deeper than that.

  10. Goodell has something that Jones abused, and that he has listened to the players, staff and others about very real issues in our society. When he was faced with them, he dealt with them. He has did what he had to do, just like any of you that despise him. If you had his job, you would have done the same. Sweeping under the rug is not an option any more in today’s world.

  11. limakey says:
    November 9, 2017 at 9:17 pm
    Everybody lies but Jerry Jones, Zeke Elliott and Tom Brady.
    The only proven liar is Goodell

  12. kptb12 says:
    November 9, 2017 at 8:58 pm
    Not a fan of Jones. If he takes Goodell down. Im his biggest fan #FIREGOODELL

    35 13 Rate This


    absolutely. any real, genuine diehard nfl fan would feel this way

  13. Jones is diving two feet into this one getting lawyers involved for internal league matters on a committee he’s not even a part of.
    He may have had some sympathizers against Goddell like Kraft etc a week ago, but by doing this he’s blowing right past them and he may be a lone wolf escalating things this quick.

  14. Watching this Thursday night football game, just reminds me how terrible the nfl product has become. Outside of my Cowboys and select few other teams, the games are boring and infinitely worse than I can remember. No scoring but somehow also terrible defense? No bueno. And the flags are always a fascinating…Not.

  15. limakey says:
    November 9, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Everybody lies but Jerry Jones, Zeke Elliott and Tom Brady.

    I don’t know about that, but it is a fact that you do.

  16. So Goodell lied to Jerrah about Zeke’s suspension, which got Jerrah mad.
    Now he is saying Blank lied to him, about Goodell’s extension, which got Jerrah mad. So Jerrah is now suing, basically because his ewok, bell cow got suspended.

  17. NFL is in trouble, no doubt, for different reasons. Social injustice protests, too many injuries of ‘star’ players, few competitive games, even fewer rivalries (e.g., Brady vs. Manning), among others. But I am sure Mr. Jones is NOT capable of solving these problems with or without Goodwell at the helm.

  18. Goodell needs to go, but not over this. For people cheering Jerry Jones on, he’s exactly the problem, which would persist with whatever the next clown they install would do. All of these new owners have no love the game but rather love for their bottom line. Even when Al Davis sued the league, you knew he loved the NFL and especially the old AFL that came into the NFL as well as the competition. These idiots today are a bunch of silver spoon geeks used to getting their way on everything, which has watered the product down with all of their horrible mistakes they’ve pushed the last 10 years through Goodell.

  19. This guy wanted Goodell to have the power. The owners gave him the power. Now since one of Jerry’s boys is involved he’s a bad guy. He wasn’t this upset over Tom Brady, and he will continue to pay bad prople with bad past history. He welcomes them to his team. I guess it bites back once in a while. I hope for the sake of their organization that his sons find him unfit to run this business.

  20. Surprising all the push back against JJ here on this one. It’s not all about Zeke. A lot has happened since May when the owners voted to extend Goodell. JJ’s franchise is more valuable than any other, so Goodell’s endless incompetence effects JJ franchise more than any other. Has anyone thought about why Goodelll doesn’t want an incentivized contract? Usually it’s a big telll when someone doesn’t want to be paid for performance. Guaranteeing Goodell’s compensation will only make the situation worse than it has been for the last three years.

    btw.,…I’m not a Cowboys fan, but JJ is making sense on this one.

  21. Find me someone, anyone. Player , fan, or owner that would actually stand behind goofdell if push came to shove. Well only Mara. Guy has to go for good of the league. Give him an out let him and Freil have free tickets for life to giant games as a parting gift. After they announce Eli ripping off fans for fake memorabilia gets no suspension because it doesnt alter the outcome of games the way they would like. Toss Harold Henderson a free NFL hat also for all of his good work along the way. At this rate NFL will be done in 10 years with this guy running the show.

  22. Everyone hates Goodell and understandably so, but realize that he has increased the revenue of all the NFL owners. He is also a mouthpiece for the owners…so unfortunately putting football aside, and stopping purchases and viewership may be the only message people can send that they’d like the changes for the worse to stop, and reinforce that we don’t want politics muddled with our favorite sport. You might think Jones is two faced – and he is – but if you want Goodell sacked, then we should be on Jones’ side.

  23. If I were an owner, I’d let him know in no uncertain terms that the next time he gets uppity, he’ll be peddling his papers in the alley out back of his own stadium while his son takes over his business.

  24. limakey says:
    November 9, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    No, the only proven liar is Brady, Jones and Elliott.
    Maybe you could point us to the proof? Or is this a situation where everyone should just take your word for it?

  25. I miss the NFL I love. You know the one about football players and their incredible athleticism. The current one we are suffering with; Billionaire Children and their puppet ruler grabbing all the attention could be their own undoing. We need to get back to the basics. Good football on Sunday and Monday (no more Thursday) and let teh debates be about “bad calls” or great plays on teh field. No more court battles in the news. I miss the real NFL!

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