Joe Flacco wants Ravens in attack mode when they return from bye

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The Ravens aren’t playing a game this week, which gives them time to consider changes to their approach before they embark on the final seven games of their season.

Quarterback Joe Flacco suggested one change that he’d like to see. The team is last in the league with an average of 5.3 yards per pass attempt and Flacco’s average pass travels just over six yards in the air, which is the lowest mark of his career and an area he feels the team needs to address.

Flacco said Wednesday that it is “tough to have a lot of those long drives and do that consistently,” so he’d like to see the team try to pick up bigger chunks of yardage at a time.

“We need to go after it,” Flacco said, via the team’s website. “We can’t sit back and just expect us to not lose football games. We’ve got to go attack,” he said. “We’re a 4-5 football team. You always look at teams in this position and say, ‘Man, they’ve got nothing to lose.’ Man, we should feel that way. We’ve got to go out there and leave it all out there.”

Flacco’s best days have been ones when he’s throwing the ball deep more often than he has this season, so it’s easy to understand why he’d like to go that route again this year. They may not replicate that past success, but there’s not much to lose for trying with the Ravens already at the bottom of the offensive barrel.

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    The Ravens are closer to the Bengals and Browns than they are the Steelers who clinched the AFC North crown in August.

    Everything is falling into place for the Steelers. Their division is non competitive. Their schedule (vs AFC South and NFC North) is very favorable, even from a travel standpoint. Plus, opposing QBs Aaron Rogers, Deshaun Watson, Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill and Sam Bradford are/were unavailable to play against Pittsburgh. They could start resting their starters this week.

  2. Jump Ball Joe is back!

    Okay Joe. You want to open it up? How about not checking down into the receiver five yards short of the first down marker on 3rd and 7. Start there.

  3. As a Ravens fan we’ve heard Joe say this for years – rarely are they able to “attack” for more than 1 series – Kubiak was the only OC in recent years who got Flacco to play well and they need to get him back if he is really available – down by 2 scores vs Titans with 4+ minutes to go they threw dumpoffs all the way down the field and ate up 3+ minutes – incredibly against Chicago we got a “delay of game” during a 2 minute drill!!! – you cant make this up.

  4. Jumpball Joe will just add to his INT total by going into “attack mode”. By December, when the Ravens are about 5-7, the team will go into “retreat mode”.

  5. Hey Joe, are you sure the ravens have the wide receivers and playmakers on offense to be in attack mode, can Joe be better than mediocre! I don’t think so, Ravens are lucky they play in a bad division, they already lost at home to the Steelers!

  6. When you keep bringing in the ‘West Coast Offense’ guys like Marty, who believes a short passing game is better than a real running game, you get these things. Marty’s known for Martyball, the dink and dunk passing with having to check down on all plays. Get an OC that designs plays to open up the downfield game, it might have different results, unless the downfield target is Brick Hands II, Perriman.

  7. Harbaugh responded and said its not about playcalling….which shows you just how little Harbaugh knows about offensive football.

  8. I am a Steelers fan but I only give this advice because when the Ravens have a good team, it makes our matches more competitive. Like the game last Christmas, that was probably one of the best rivalry game Steelers and Ravens have played.

    With that said, I get where Joe is coming from but the issue here is their lack of potent talent receiving passes. The Ravens’ best 2 receivers are cast off from other teams and their TE is not a threat, and the 1st round pick receiver they drafted looks lost and soft. Sometimes you have to play to the talent you have and this is not a talented offense. so, no matter the strategy this year, the Ravens need to spend the off-season upgrading this portion of their offense and find a franchise back like when they had Ray Rice. No amount of chucking it down the field can solve for lack of talent.

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