Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh pressing forward after misses

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Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh is staying the course after three misses last week against the Washington Redskins proved costly in a 17-14 defeat.

“I mean, it sucks because you think bout the fact that your points directly influence the fact that you guys didn’t win the game,” Walsh said on Tuesday. “But it’s a team sport and my teammates were there to pick me up and I’ve helped us to win games early in the year too so you’ve got to be realistic with yourself and realize that you’re never as bad as you think you are, you’re never as great as you think you are. So you’re somewhere in the middle and you’ve got to just keep rising to excellence and hold yourself to a higher standard and perform on Sundays.”

Walsh had entered Sunday’s game having converted 12 of 13 field goal attempts and 17 of 18 extra points tries on the season before having three kicks sail wide left of target against Washington. Despite the setback, the Seahawks didn’t consider making a change at kicker this week with a quick turnaround to a Thursday night game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Walsh missed kicks from 44, 39 and 49 yards in the first half as the Seahawks were stuck on just a safety’s worth of points until the fourth quarter. Walsh’s biggest frustration was that he let the situation snowball on him.

“In the game you’re just trying to stay in rhythm and stay focused,” Walsh said. “Don’t let one compound into two and I think that’s the thing I was most disappointed with is that I let it get into two and three. You learn from it, move on and have fun this week on Thursday.”

Walsh said he doesn’t need to make any wholesale changes. He had a bad day at the office and is focused on getting back on track against the Cardinals.

“I don’t need to start changing stuff,” Walsh said. “I needed to have a better game and I didn’t, but that’s over now. The way I look at it is this week, same preparation, same mindset and different outcome. That’s all.”

14 responses to “Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh pressing forward after misses

  1. Ground hog day. I’ve seen this exact scenario before and Walsh is still a stiff in the end every time. “I mean, it sucks because you think bout the fact that your points directly influence the fact that you guys didn’t win the game,” that’s all that needs to be said. This guy’s a bigger head case than some of the crazy women I’ve dated. I hope Seattle keeps him a long, long time.

  2. It’s in his head now just like it got in his head in Minnesota. He’ll be erratic now until Seattle eventually cuts him before the end of the season. As a Viking fan, I’ve seen this story from him before.

  3. The guy is a head case. He talks to much. Kickers should be seen and not heard. That was his problem in Minnesota every time he missed a kick he would use the media like a sports shrink. Just do your job and quit flapping your jaw.

  4. He is probably the only kicker around who thinks that he is “great” after missing a gimme field goal in the playoffs that cost his team a game.

  5. It’s like Minnesota fans know this guy or something…..nailed every thing he’s done to a tee. Seahawks have no confidence in him, and they no longer just make the 35 a target line. It feels like a high school team as far as field goal kicking goes. I foresee a lot of going for it outside of the 25.

  6. As we all know professional football is a game of inches. Having said that, a super good kicker is VERY important in this league to HELP win games, just ask Bill Belichick.

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