T.J. Yates gets some work with Texans’ first-string offense

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Texans coach Bill O’Brien has been known to have a quick hook with his quarterbacks, so the news that backup T.J. Yates was getting some work with the first string on Wednesday is eye opening.

With Deshaun Watson out for the season, Yates is the backup to starter Tom Savage, with Josh Johnson as the third-stringer. Since Savage has spent most of the season working with the second team, it would seem to make sense to give him plenty of work with the first team now that he’s starting. That Yates is working with the first string raises the question of whether O’Brien will bench Savage for Yates.

Yates started two late-season games for the Texans in 2015, and the Texans won both of them, helping them get to the playoffs. The Texans have lost both of the games Savage started this season. They were 3-3 in games started by Deshaun Watson.

Without Watson, the Texans are very unlikely to make the playoffs. But as long as they’re only two games out in the AFC South, they’re going to try everything they can to make a late-season run — everything except signing Colin Kaepernick, that is. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see O’Brien try giving Yates a shot.

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  1. “But as long as they’re only two games out in the AFC South, they’re going to try everything they can to make a late-season run.”

    T.J. Yates? Josh Johnson??? C’mon…they aren’t trying the OBVIOUS, let alone everything.

  2. Seriously? Let’s end this circus and give Kap a shot. At this point, it is unlikely they will make the playoffs. The top pick is gone, the defense is a mess. What’s the worst thing that can happen? They don’t make the playoffs and get a better draft pick? The upside? They rally, and make the post season. What will the fans think? Winning cures all.

  3. Texans were a playoff team with DeShaun Watson as there QB, now they have little to no chance with T.J. Yates and Tom Savage. Texans Defense is good but I don’t know if its good enough to overcome bad quarterback play!!

  4. I wonder what the players are feeling when they know the people running their teams aren’t going all out for winning. They’re asking the players to go all out 100%, but we all know this is a QB league, and there are way better QBs available. So it’s hard to try to get the players to keep their political feelings to themselves when the owners are sacrificing the season for their own political feelings. You might hate Colin Kaepernick personally, but there’s no denying what he did in San Francisco. He took them to the super bowl the first year he got on the field, and back to the championship game the second. We also know that first and second year QBs haven’t reached their prime yet. Their best years come later. So go ahead players. Go out and get those concussions. Go get those knee surgeries. Meanwhile, the owners aren’t even trying. In understand it all, but at least it’s out there for everyone of us to see. That’s difficult to look at, so I don’t blame those who will go right out and stick there head in the sand. It’s not a pretty look.

  5. My condolences, Texans fans. We saw him in the preseason with the Bills, and he was terrible. The 5th-round rookie QB, Nathan Peterman, completely outplayed him. If Yates starts, expect a loss.

  6. Just had to get that CK shot in there. There must be a daily quota on this website. At this point I hope he gets signed and fails. These writers would have a lot to answer for of CK doesn’t play like a pro bowler. You can’t advocate for a player like this and then have them play like a 3rd stringer. A lot of credibility is at stake .

  7. Yeah I’m sure Kap could come in after a year off, having never seen the playbook, and out perform Yates. Sure.

  8. “they’re going to try everything they can to make a late-season run — everything except signing Colin Kaepernick, that is”

    Didn’t Kaepernick wear socks with pigs in police uniforms when he played for the ‘9ers? Darn, and he could be on the Texans right now your’re telling me?????? Fire the GM!

  9. The Texans organization–and most others apparently–are not interested in a large number of season ticket holders failing to renew their tickets for next season. So all the Kap fantasies the media have are just not going to come to fruition. Sorry! (not sorry)

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