Gregg Williams upset team’s in-house radio host questioned Myles Garrett

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Defensive end Myles Garrett said he wasn’t bothered by a Browns in-house radio host questioning his decision to self-report a concussion. But the team wasn’t happy about Matt Wilhelm’s comments, and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was downright angry.

“It really p–sed me off when somebody questions whether a kid has a concussion or not and I’m being very truthful,” Williams said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “And any of you in here really want to p– me off, okay? That’s stupid, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t in the building when all that went down.”

Wilhelm, co-host of Cleveland Browns Daily and a former NFL linebacker, challenged Garrett’s decision to tell the Browns about concussion symptoms five days before the Vikings game. The team has denounced Wilhelm’s comments as “ill-advised” and “inappropriate.”

Wilhelm since has apologized, but he hasn’t heard the last of it. Williams said he will confront Wilhelm.

“Myles Garrett is a very, very, very tough human being, and the fact that he played through a bang upside the head, and it didn’t affect him until a few days later, there’s never a question in my mind that that young man wants to play, can play and will play,” Williams said.