T.J. Yates is grateful for the few reps with the starters

Getty Images

Yes, T.J. Yates got some reps with the Texans starting offense this week. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s about to be back on the field.

At least not yet.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Texans coach Bill O’Brien said Yates was getting six or eight snaps a day with the starters, which is the typical amount for his backup quarterback. But with Tom Savage struggling in his return to the lineup last week, getting Yates up to speed (again) is necessary.

“Pretty comfortable,” Yates said. “He’s been gracious enough to give me some reps to get me back in a rhythm and get me back into it. Scout teams reps are one thing. Getting reps with our guys, it’s been good to get back into it.”

The Texans keep Yates around in the basement like an old card table, dragging him out when they need him. This is his third stint with the team, and he did lead them to their first playoff win in 2011. He’s also spent time with the Falcons and Dolphins between turns, and it didn’t take him long to leapfrog Matt McGloin upon coming back last week.

Whether he does the same to Savage remains to be seen, but it’s at least a friendly collaboration.

“I’ve known Tom a very long time,” Yates said. “When I came in last time, he was the guy who knew the offense and helped get me up to speed. Now, he’s kind of helping me again. He knows this offense inside and out. He’s a good guy to lean on with questions and a good guy to bounce ideas off of. We have a really good relationship. It’s a very open dialogue in there. We have a good culture in the room.”

They just don’t have enough good quarterbacks, which continues to be an issue for the Texans.