Browns sought to trade for Terrelle Pryor before deadline

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The Browns tried to deal for wide receiver Terrelle Pryor before the trade deadline, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Saturday. Washington, though, wouldn’t part with him.

Pryor, who made 77 catches for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns for the Browns last season, has lost his starting job to Josh Doctson. He has only 20 receptions for 240 yards and a touchdown through eight games.

Still, Washington declined to deal him.

Cleveland would have gotten Pryor for $1.5 million for the second half of the season. He signed a one-year deal with Washington with $6 million guaranteed.

He would have joined a wide receiving corps in Cleveland that soon will see the return of Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon. Coleman has a hand injury and could return from injured reserve next week; the league has conditionally reinstated Gordon, with his return to the field expected in Week 13.

34 responses to “Browns sought to trade for Terrelle Pryor before deadline

  1. DePodesto: Hey Sashi?! Ever heard of this WR named Terrelle Pryor? I hear he converted from QB a few years ago. I’d bet he’d be perfect for our stretch run to the playoffs.

    Brown: Really? I wonder why I haven’t heard of him before now. Let’s go get him!

    Jackson: (Facepalm)

  2. donbat67 says:
    November 11, 2017 at 7:26 pm
    This team makes no sense . Time to close up shop , they could use the stadium for outdoor annex of the rock and roll hall of fame .
    Which would be great if the acts enshrined in the Rock and Roll HOF were actually rock and roll acts. One can appreciate the talents of Madonna and Abba, but to call them rock and roll? Uhh, no.

  3. Pass on Wentz, take a 6th-7th rounder Kessler in 3rd. (Dak was 5th round). So they reached for Kessler by 3-4 rounds and not Dak who was projected in the 3rd-5th.

    Pass on Trubisky, Mahomes, and specifically Watson for Kizer in 2nd (1-2 rounds too high).

    Made these trade downs to acquire picks, but so far wasted a 2nd and 3rd on Kessler and Kizer.

    Wanted to give up a 2nd and 3rd rounder for AJ McCarron, who still is an unknown.

    Wanted to trade for Pryor, a guy who they could have easily re-signed but that pesky 62 million in current cap space wasn’t enough. So they would of wasted another pick on getting him back.

    What’s the point of passing up on franchise QB’s just to waste it like this?

    Remember Sashi Brown said Wentz wans’t a top 20 QB. Whoops. In March he said he would still do that trade over again.

    Now the smartest guys in the room are saying they aren’t the smartest guys in the room. Potentially hiring a football guy who can evaluate QB’s.

    Wow, simply wow. The emperor has no clothes.

    Poor Browns fans.

  4. I hear they tried to trade for Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar and Brian Sipe too…hey, why not?


    How could you leave out Otto Graham?

  5. I see the tool shed is out again. Wentz/Watson, would not have been good QBs on this team…too many holes to fill and the ones at WR still need filling. QB is the least of the Browns’ worries until they get someone to throw to.

    Pryor isn’t it. He succeeded last year in a bad offense but now he is pretty lame in a good offense. As I recall Peyton Hillis even had one year that got him a Madden cover…then gone.

    What I do agree with is that they need a football guy somewhere in this mix – either between Analytics and Hue or my preference running the whole show. It is easy (which is why it is a constant comment on this site) to point to the QB dearth that they have had since they returned to the league but it isn’t smart football. But they need someone who understands what they DO need – and fast.

    Oh, and Rock and Roll in 2017 has a very odd definition, no argument. That’s the music industry’s fault not the HOF.

  6. Further proof that the Allen brat in Washington needs to be fired.

    Pryor isn’t worth a ham sammich.

    And we could have gotten something for his wasted time in Washington!

  7. This and the failed Cincy trade points to Jackson getting more say in personnel; whereas to that point, Brown, Berry, and the personnel group were spearheading 95% of the moves made. Imo, the front office is already gone after the season. Jackson has 8 weeks to save his job. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be giving him this input.

  8. As a Redskins fan and someone who actually thinks highly of Pryor, I would’ve taken a draft pick for him. He’s most likely not going to be back with the Redskins next year so take the free 6th or 7th rounder. He’s a good player but he just can’t catch a ball and is scared of taking a hit. We have too many needs to keep him on a roster for no reason.

  9. I would’ve loved to have gotten the rights to Gordon for Pryor. Remember, at that point he was still suspended and it’s been 3 years since he’s played so it’s still a risky trade.

  10. The Browns should order a chicken salad on rye, untoasted with a side of potato salad, and a cup of tea.

  11. Browns can’t make up their mind. Let him walk then try and trade for him?

    Although if Gordon, Pryor, and Coleman all were on the field – not a bad group.

  12. I highly, highly doubt Terelle Pryor is going to be back with the ‘Skins next season. While Doctson has been fragile up to this point, even when he’s missed time, Pryor hasn’t been the one picking up the slack. So, I’m not sure I understand the logic of not trading him.

    What’s not clear from this story is whether the Browns made an offer that the ‘Skins weren’t happy with or if the ‘Skins just said they weren’t listening to offers for him. If it’s the latter, that’s a head-scratcher.

  13. So. They tried to trade for a WR who won’t help them this year, hasn’t been a good player at all, and is a free agent they could sign for free in the offseason? Why?

  14. Everyone loves to bash the Browns. Hell I’m a huge fan and I enjoy my pound of flesh in these lean times as much as any long suffering follower. Looks so far, though, that not signing Pryor to a big contract last year was a wise decision, so be intellectually honest and give credit where it seems due. Now trying to get him for 1.5 million for 8 games is buying low. Nothing wrong with that.

  15. psubeerman21 says:
    November 12, 2017 at 4:38 am
    So. They tried to trade for a WR who won’t help them this year, hasn’t been a good player at all, and is a free agent they could sign for free in the offseason? Why?

    They’re the Browns.

    It’s amazing how consistent they have been considering the amount of people they have had run through that organization. That’s what you get though, when your owner has a history of scamming his customers.

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