Drew Stanton has sprained knee

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Paging Matt McGloin. Paging Matt McGloin. (Yeah, Stats, I stole that from you.)

Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton suffered a sprained knee on Thursday night against the Seahawks, via Chris Mortensen of ESPN. Stanton could miss a game or two due to the injury.

It means that the Cardinals would most likely go next man up, and the next man is, gulp, Blaine Gabbert.

The 4-5 Cardinals face the Texans in Houston before hosting the Jaguars.

Stanton was replacing starter Carson Palmer, who is on injured reserve and out indefinitely with a broken arm. Stanton’s injury came on the same night the Cardinals lost left tackle D.J. Humphries and safety Tyvon Branch for the season, also with knee injuries.

The Cardinals have Mike Bercovici on the practice squad. He’d likely be elevated to the active roster, if the Cardinals don’t go with a recycled Matt (McGloin, Barkley . . . Leinart?) or any other available quarterback other than the one that outplayed Gabbert last year in San Francisco.

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  1. Gabbert had double the winning percentage of Squidward in the 2 seasons they split starts. 9ers average 6 more ppg under Gabbert. Kelly switched because season was lost at that point in any case, and he could pick up PC points to get rid of the racist rumbling from his time in Philadelphia,

  2. Sheldon Richardson dirty play got 2 knees on the night. Dove into Humphries knee then dove into Stanton knee. I think he was in on Momahs knee as well.

  3. Best case scenario for Cards. Palmer is too old and can’t move in the pocket to extend the play. Stanton is a good clip board holder. Blaine is young and has a skill set. This will give the Cards a good chance to look at him moving forward. Blaine may be more NFL ready than any QB in the 2018 draft.

  4. If only there was a serviceable QB with experience who could run and throw and even run and throw simultaneously. That’s just me wishing on a star…i know i know I’m asking for the impossible!!!! All the good to decent QBs are playing or injured. Can’t wait to see someone consider manziel instead of considering the elephant in the room.

  5. Thursday night football is stupid for the league in so many ways.

    They think the exposure is good but exposure to what? Terrible football and guys dropping like flies.

    Counterproductive actually…and unfair to the players who put their livelihoods on the line. Careers are ending because of Thursday Night Football.

  6. Sheldon Richardson dirty play got 2 knees on the night.

    Oh stop it. Sheldon got blocked down to the ground and he was two feet from the quarterback just standing there what do you expect him to do from the ground of course he’s going to lunch forward and grab the guy’s legs.

    You so obviously never played defensive football in your life.

  7. Has Bruce Arians ever been able to keep his QB’s healthy? I don’t think he really cares about protection. He coaches like every one of his O-Lineman is a HOFer. That just doesn’t cut it. If I were an agent advising my QB’s, Arizona would be my last choice.

  8. You ‘gulp’ when Blaine Gabbert might get the start, and yet you continue to push the narrative that Kaepernick should be signed because he could help a team win games.

    Last time he was playing in the NFL, he lost his starting job to one Blaine Gabbert.

    Facts can be funny things!

  9. 49ers have won ONE game out of TWENTY since they benched Gabbert. That win was by a SINGLE POINT.

    Jaguars doubled their team payroll in the 3 years after Gabbert was traded, kept the same coaching staff and system intact for that period, and had exactly the same number of wins in the 3 years after he left. Blaine had to go through 4 different head coaches, and position coaches, along with changes in ownership and management while he was there.

  10. ishillforblaineabbert says:
    November 11, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    49ers have won ONE game out of TWENTY since they benched Gabbert. That win was by a SINGLE POINT.

    Who cares? Both him and Kaepernick were terrible.

  11. Well, the 9ers over the past 3 seasons have gone 4-9 with Gabbert at QB, and 3-25 with the other 3 players who’ve started at the position. Blaine was earning 1/10 what Kaepernick (3-16) was paid, and 1/5 what Hoyer (0-6) was paid. Now they’re paying Hoyer to play for the Pats, have probably ruined Beathard’s career, and will be forced to seriously overpay the next Matt Flynn.

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