Jay Cutler quietly improves for the Dolphins

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Yeah, the Dolphins currently sit at 4-4, with a pair of shutouts pitched against them and other sluggish showings. But none of that can currently be blamed on quarterback Jay Cutler.

Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald points out that Cutler, in his last two games (vs. the Jets and Raiders) has completed 46 of 58 passes (that’s a 79.3 percent completion percentage) for 449 yards, five touchdowns, and one interception. His passer rating in both games: 120.5.

“Jay, really, the last two games he has played well,” coach Adam Gase said this week, via Beasley. “The Jets game, that was probably one of the best games that he has had. Then this last game, I think he topped it. . . . We just got finally rolling a little bit last week.”

Looking at the full season to date, Beasley notes that Cutler is on pace to have a career-high completion percentage of 66.2, plus a touchdown-to-interception ratio of two-to-one. And he apparently looked even better after breaking a couple of ribs.

“He looked comfortable,” offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen said this week, via Beasley. “He threw the ball accurately — more accurately. He protected the ball. He was extremely prudent with the ball. We all thought that he looked comfortable. I think some of it probably is that he’s getting more and more comfortable. If we can keep the arrow going up that way, that would be huge.”

There rest of the offense needs to pitch in, however. Along with the defense. Because the schedule doesn’t get much easier, with a Monday night game against the Panthers, a Week 11 game against the Buccaneers (it was supposed to be the bye week), Then comes a Patriots-Broncos-Patriots stretch, followed by a Bills-Chiefs-Bills trifecta to end the season.

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    ” Then comes a Patriots-Broncos-Patriots stretch, followed by a Bills-Chiefs-Bills trifecta to end the season.”


    That’s a brutal stretch to close out the season. The Patriots, Bills and Chiefs will all be jockeying for playoff positions.

  2. If most of those numbers didn’t come against the Raider defense, I could take that seriously. The Baltimore offense, which has been almost as bad as Miami’s this year, looked like the Greatest Show on Turf when they played them too.

  3. OMG! Yes, against the league’s 27th and 28th ranked Ds, he posted an average of 225yds on 23 of 29 passes. Quick, crown the Phins already. He also had a good game in wk1 against the Chargers. So lets ignore that in the 4 games in between against mediocre or 14th-10th ranked Ds he averaged a passer rating of 67.5 – wow.

  4. People can hate all they want on Cutler, but he is having a good season and if the OL would of given him ample time to hit the deep ball his numbers AND the Miami record would possibly be better.
    The OL has been a mess and with the coach snorting lines and Pouncey only practicing 2 times a week it throws the chemistry off. We need to draft quality OL help.

  5. finzfan49 ,

    You are exactly the kind of fan that’s the reason he’s gotten away with stealing money for 10 years and running now. We can see the games. He has not had a good season. He sucks like he always has.

  6. There are literally about 4 or 5 QB in the entire league that aren’t stealing money!!! The rest are all doing it. If you really are that REALFOOTBALLFAN then you would of understood my comment and what it meant. Then again you are probably a PATS fan and every player is stealing money except the 53 on that roster!!

  7. Cutler was summoned to the Dolphins from the broadcast booth after training camp was half over.
    No off season training.
    He’s JUST NOW getting into NFL shape.
    Given all of that he has done a darn good job.
    No oline
    No off season training
    No training camp
    Good job Cutler

  8. Anyone who has watched Cutler for the last 8 years can clearly see that he’s a “3 steps forward and 4 steps back” kind of player. He has every physical tool to be great except one; it’s attached to his neck.

  9. You guys quoting “numbers” just dont get it. … Cutler is pulling out nearly impossible scenarios with the WORST offensive line in the NFL. Its ONLY been Cutlers saavy and experience/talent that CREATED those wins. *Note: I’m NO Cutler fan, but I know/teach football, IE Matt Moore, who is NOT incompetent & has “adequate” NFL QB talent–and CANT even get the ball out with that awful scheme/offensive line. ANY scout/coach KNOWS Miami’s QB “numbers” – good or bad – are irrelevant to compare to QB/teams with OTHER O-lines. Frankly, what Cutler is doing with THAT oline (& bad scheme for that talent) is stellar.

    All you number crunchers never actually EXPERIENCED throwing a ball surrounded by men twice as big/fast chasing you. So can see how for YOU it actually makes sense to compare “numbers” as if its all the SAME. If you want reality, go watch the last Moore Game. Cutlers Not likeable, and is NOT a leader, but hes carrying that O-line, or the REAL Dolphins would likely be in the NFL cellar.

  10. Jay is Jay and will always be Jay. Above average maybe even spectacular physical tools, Avg to below avg. Mentally. Perhaps good enough with the right team behind him and a bit of a hot streak could have made a deep playoff run like Manning and Flacco. Green Bay was 4-1 with Rogers and 0-3 without. Jay will never be that nor should anyone expect him to be.

  11. Cutler is doing a decent job considering that o-line. He would look better if he would stop hopping backwards on most of his throws. I like Cutler but I have rarely seen a professional QB with worse footwork. Gase could help him out more with some of the calls and the receivers need to catch a bit better. I think Cutler’s numbers will improve with Drake and Williams as RB. They are not dominant RBs but both can catch really well and Drake is a handful out in space. That said, they do need to get decent yardage on runs so that play action is at least believable.

  12. We need to win these Panthers, Bills, Broncos games. I’m not sold on any of them. Pats will be the Pats – we never do well with them until their in Miami and the heat gets to Bradycakes.

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