Pete Carroll: Seahawks are “fired up” about Dion Jordan

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Dion Jordan completed an extraordinary comeback on Thursday night, playing in his first NFL game in three years.

Jordan, who now plays for the Seahawks after being a huge disappointment for the Dolphins as the third overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft, was suspended for six games in 2014 for failed drug tests, suspended for the entire 2015 season for more failed drug tests, and didn’t play at all in 2016, either. Many thought he was done at that point, but he signed with the Seahawks this year and finally got healthy enough in recovery from a knee injury to play on Thursday, when he recorded a sack — just the fourth sack of his NFL career.

Guys are fired up about how hard he played and how tough he played,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said.

Jordan has undeniable talent, and at age 27 he could have many good years left in him. The Seahawks signed him for a one-year, minimum-salary contract this season, and they may be getting a steal down the stretch.

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  1. Pete’s also fired up about breakfast today. That’s what Pete does. He gets fired up. He is perfect for that team and credit to him for sustaining what he has in Seattle. I thought his act would have come to an end by now and it hasn’t. Good for him and Seahawks fans.

  2. How much money did this clown throw away?…oh wait, that’s not the PC thing to say. Ok, your doing great son, oh wait he’s 27, not a kid by any stretch, nor was he when he was suspended. But, let’s give him a participation trophy.

  3. Chip Kelly was salivating over drafting Jordan when he coached the Eagles. Thank God Miami traded up to take this stiff and the Eagles ended up drafting Lane Johnson with the next pick.

  4. Give the guy credit for getting his life back on track. Not saying he’s a saint, but at least he woke up and realized you don’t get many second chances in a profession with a small career window.

  5. This will not last long trust me. As a Fins fan I watched this guy throw his talent away. He didnt want to play football and I believe there was an twitter post when he said as much. Who knows, maybe he just prefers being in the NorthWest region. Lets also remember he went against a banged up Cardinal O-line.

  6. i remember in 2013 draft, chip kelly wanted his oregon duck dion jordan badly. but miami jumped in front of eagles and grabbed him. so eagles got the consolation prize of OT lane johnson.

    kelly’s strong interest in dion jordan — thank god that didn’t happen — is just another data point for the overall train wreck that was the chip kelly nfl coaching career

  7. Well, the shehawks signed him for a cup of coffee for 1 year. He has played one game so far this year out what 9? Tell me who got a good deal? If he shows any ability from now until the end of the season, he’ll be a free agent.

  8. Pete The Cheat would sign a hit man if he thought it would help is team win. But he’ll still cry to the officials on every penalty his team gets, though.

  9. Jordan is probably going to fire one up too before the season is over. One game in 3-4 years is an outstanding accomplishment since its impossible to set the bar too high for this guy.

  10. Wow, there sure is a lot of loser hand-wringing in this thread. The Seahawks under Carroll have always done a great job at finding guys other teams have played out of position & getting the most out of them.

    I would have thought with Sherman out you trolls wouldn’t be so afraid of the Seahawks.

    Looks like I was wrong.

  11. They have been loading up the D line, but now they need defensive backs as well as O linemen. They can count their blessings that Russell Wilson did not suffer a broken jaw, but if their O line continues to perform so poorly, they may not be so lucky the next time.

  12. It is going to be another tough offseason for the front office. Jimmy Graham’s contract is up, and he may not give Seattle a home town discount. They have to decide whether they should cut Richard Charmin or extend him. They also have to decide whether they should sign Sheldon Richardson to a megabucks contract. Paul Richardson will also need to be signed as this year is the final year of his rookie contract. Then they also have to spend more draft picks on OL or sign free agents.

  13. Here is my take on this… all people deserve a 2nd chance. Some people deserve a 3rd chance. This guy is a Bum and is taking the place of some other emerging guy who is on a Practice Squad somewhere working his @ss off and never caused any PED or attitude issues. He is beyond his 3 strikes and robbed the Dolphins? Sorry, not buying into him.

  14. Pete Carroll has a real good shot at getting back to the super bowl this year. One of his big guns on defense was just lost for the season. Now a guy comes out of nowhere and shows the ability to produce at a high level. He always had potential but never lived up to it. Pete isn’t a 1/2 glass full kind of guy. He’s more like a 1/4 glass full guy. He’s genuine, so it stands the test of time. Also, Russell Wilson is playing at an all time high. I think Pete has good reason to be fired up, with or without Dion Jordan.

  15. Jordan never played out of position.. he never got on the field because he was too busy using drugs.

  16. Chip Kelly was a bad coach but his personnel moves were fairly solid. Alot of guys flopped with him because he wouldnt adjust the offense or defense for them. Guys like Murray, Bradford, Rowe, Maxwell, Agolhor were written off as bad players with him coaching but they worked out eventually elsewhere. He traded away Foles who wasnt that great. He probably shouldve kept McCoy. Desean is overrated anyways. Some guys he picked didnt get a chance to develop. So those saying Chip was an awful personnel guy, that isnt correct at all. He was definitely a stubborn coach. His usuage of Murray alone showed that. The Eagles are in a better place now. Chip Kelly the GM didnt kill Kelly the coach it was the other way around.

  17. “But, let’s give him a participation trophy”.

    Quite often the people offended by participation trophies are those who never received one. You know, the people who never played at all.

  18. Not to many teams have Rookie, late round, Backup left Tackles he gets to face….

    But…as long as that keeps happening…

    Stay fired up !

  19. there are a lot of judgemental angels who never screwed up more than once and never had a friend or relative overcome adversity, heaven forbid it took them more than 1 try.
    im glad to know the rest of the world is so perfect. it gives us such hope

  20. Only Pete the cheat would hire a bum whose had multiple dirty tests every year and never plays because he’s too busy using peds and failing drug tests. Stay classy Seattle.

  21. Wow so much hate for the Seahawks still in these threads they must be good or something.

    I don’t know a whole lot about Dion Jordan but what I do know is that one bull rush he had for the sack was devastating. I don’t know if any other DE on our team could have done that. Freeney is more of a spin move guy and cliff Avril likes to just go around the outside and do stunts with quickness. Same with Frank…

    Dion just blew that tackle up and shoved him right back into the quarterback it was an awesome display of pure power. All you have to do to get fired up about Dion Jordan is watch that play a couple times.

    The Seahawks are going to struggle their way through this season with everybody talking crap yet again(2-4 two years ago) and somehow be there at the end yet again for the playoffs.

    Sure, Jordan just got his first snaps in 3 years but could end up being a huge factor for the playoff-push due to injuries.

    Three big sacks on Jared Goff in Seattle to clinch the division would pretty much lock him up for a longer-term contract, hint hint.

  22. You guys know what was funny? When the Pats made the winning INT in the SB and Sherman broke into tears, Irvin and Bennett ganged up on Gronk only to both get body slammed by him and ejected from the game.

  23. Im not an NFL talent evaluator, but this guy always seemed to be playing in a position he was forced into by Miami. I think Miami had the idea that they could take his talent and force him into a traditional DE role because of his size. This guy was a LB at Oregon.

    I don’t know what Pete Carroll is using him as (I don’t watch enough Seattle games), but if he does anything but what the Dolphins did… I think he’ll get more out of him.

  24. What is even funnier coyote is how Russell Wilson made such a fool of you one night in a bar that you are still crying and lying about it all these years later.

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