Adrian Clayborn gets six sacks in Falcons’ 27-7 victory over Cowboys

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Adrian Clayborn! Adrian Clayborn! Adrian Clayborn! Adrian Clayborn! Adrian Clayborn! Adrian Clayborn!

The Cowboys are going to have nightmares about the Falcons defensive end as he made six sacks of quarterback Dak Prescott.

Without left tackle Tyron Smith and running back Ezekiel Elliott out, it got ugly for Prescott and the Cowboys. Prescott was sacked eight times and lost two fumbles in the 27-7 loss to the Falcons.

Dallas gained only 233 total yards, including only 107 rushing yards. Clayborn won NFC defensive player of the week honors — just give it to him now — with a single-game team sack record, six tackles, seven quarterback hits, three tackles for loss, two forced fumbles and a recovered fumble.

The Cowboys started Chaz Green, a former third-round pick, at left tackle before replacing him with Byron Bell. Green allowed five sacks to Clayborn, Bell allowed two more sacks, including one to Clayborn. Smith, who sat out with a groin injury, can’t get back soon enough with the Cowboys (5-4) facing the Eagles next Sunday night in something of a must-win.

Clayborn’s six sacks were the most the Cowboys ever have allowed. Chargers pass-rusher Leslie O’Neal made five sacks against them Nov. 16, 1986.

Only Derrick Thomas had more in a single game since sacks became an official statistic in 1982, as the Chiefs’ Hall of Famer made seven against Seattle in 1990.

Clayborn entered with two sacks in eight games this season, and in his seven seasons, he has made six or more sacks in a SEASON once. He had 7.5 sacks as a rookie.

Matt Ryan and Tevin Coleman got the Falcons offense going in the second half. Atlanta scored its initial third-quarter offensive touchdown of the season when Justin Hardy caught a 3-yard scoring pass from Ryan. Ryan finished 22-of-29 for 215 yards with two touchdowns and an interception; Coleman rushed for 83 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries with Devonta Freeman leaving early in the game with a concussion.

The Falcons (5-4) had to have the victory, which was only their second in the past six, as the Saints continue to win.

As for the Cowboys, the “next-man-up” idea didn’t work so well Sunday: Green and Bell received failing grades for their effort; three running backs combined for 65 yards on 15 carries; the Cowboys couldn’t get the Falcons off the field without Sean Lee; and Mike Nugent missed a 38-yard field goal.

17 responses to “Adrian Clayborn gets six sacks in Falcons’ 27-7 victory over Cowboys

  1. If that is the best we have to replace Tyron Smith, we can kiss it goodbye 😦 AND, Mr., I have not learned how to make 1/2 time adjustments, Garrett, did not help the cause!! Nor did losing Pro bowler Sean Lee during the game, and not having Zeke or Dan Bailey. It was a pure putrid display 😦

  2. I am not a fan of either team but watching this game I was incredulous that:

    1. A guy who gets roughly 6 sacks or less a year got six in one game and
    2. The coaching staff didn’t give the tackle help after, I dunno, the third or fourth sack?!
    3. The Princeton genius kept Dack in the game right till the last gasp of the 4th Q. Coach, what r u thinking?

  3. Yikes. Chaz Green got beat unmercifully and it hurt the offense today. Who cares what the philthy trolls think, Dak is not to blame, hard to do your job with your timing and rythem being thrown off. Got another game next week, gotta throw this one in the trash.

  4. Sportsoficionado, im not here to troll, but its funny to hear excuses for dak when i never heard any cowboy fans mention wentz lack of playmakers last year n decimated O-line when comparing the 2 rookie qbs. It looks to me that maybe dak can only perform well when he has a great O-line n great run game and solid wrs. Maybe hes not the leader cowboys fans are hoping for? Maybe he is. We’ll see. . . .starting next week vs Philly. Eagles also lost their all pro left tackle,for the season, but have been able to keep playing well so far.

  5. Oooo I am loving all the excuses that are coming out. Not a sign or maturity or winners. But they are fans of Jerry Jones team. For every excuse a Cowboy fan will give , they neec to learn to look at the other side and see the injuries and challenges the Falcons had. You guys are superficial any way, if it aint about you, you would not have known,

  6. Believe in Dak 100%. Dak was making the plays early in the game when the run game got stuffed but he had a decent pocket to work with (and this is minus his all-pro LT and RB). When things break down with your left tackle (blindside for right handed Dak), you lose rythem and timing in the offense, that goes for any qb (great, good or bad) in the history of the football. Chaz Green let him down today, but Dak still stood strong in the pocket and never flinched, despite being sacked 8 times. That is what is so phenomenal about Dak, he has no fear and is very poised, no matter the circumstances, he stands strong and has great leadership skills. Which was evident late in the third quarter , even being down double digits, Dak rallied the offense down into the red zone, before getting sacked in consecutive plays (both agains Green), to force a missed fg attempt by Nugent. Cowboys got their ass kicked for sure, but Dak is the least to blame.

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