All factors will be considered in determining Burfict discipline

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On Sunday afternoon, Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict had his latest run-in with the rules, when he was run off the field for making contact with an official. Although he was ejected, the video suggests something far less egregious than the Marshawn Lynch shove-unshove of an official.

It didn’t keep Burfict in the game, but it could help him avoid a suspension. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, all things will be considered when the time comes to determining discipline — the action, the context, and Burfict’s history of infractions.

As another source pointed out, the league typically prefers not to suspend a player who was already ejected. (Lynch was an exception, perhaps since he both exited the sideline and shoved/unshoved the official.)

Three weeks ago, Burfict avoided a suspension for pushing both feet in to the helmet of Steelers fullback Roosevelt Nix. But Burfict was fined $12,154. Burfict was suspended for the first three games of the regular season for an illegal preseason hit on Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman.

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  1. Targeting … of Burfict by the officials. Please, please, please watch the video of each flag on Burfict for yourself before commenting. Back when James Harrison was the league’s Burfict, even he got more of the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Maybe this infraction wasn’t egregious (I haven’t seen it yet). I have to wonder, when does the total of all infractions reach, “critical mass?” It doesn’t seem fines or short suspensions are getting the message across to V.B.

  3. The ejection was ticky-tacky, but it’s just another day at the ol’ ball orchard for this sorry Bengals team.

  4. After watching the replays for the personal foul and touching the ref it is clear there is a witch hunt for Burfict. He brought this on but my god call the penalty not the player.

  5. If this were anybody but Burfict this site would be questioning the integrity of this officiating crew, taking all factors into consideration this is the worst in the league and always has been

  6. The 1st PF could have gone either way. It didn’t seem blatant. Anyways, can I have the money that he will be fined this week?

  7. I understand the argument that this is not as egregious as the Lynch incident. And some of the other cases they have seen cause to downply his incidents. But even if everyone of those arguments are allowed the big fact that remains is that the player is learning nothing and showing no improvement nor even intention to clean it up. I think he has evenspoken defiantly at the suggestion. Its obvious whatever has bern done so far non of it has been sufficient to get his attention.

    As far as the Cincy fans that like to downplay, deflect, justify, or just excuse his behavior….you guys are who he hurts most of all. He hurts the team. Lets face it, he got the Bengals elininated from the playoffs and ended their best season in years because he decided to do something unneccesary in a game you had completely won and in the bank. Today I think if he doesnt get ejected having his extra help on the D (because he is highly effective when not doing boneheaded stuff) would have tipped that close game just enough for a Bengals win. And there are a lot of other incidrnts where his antics cost the team. For all his talent he manages to cost the Bengals more than he gives them.

  8. Anyone who expects Barf-it to act like he belongs in society is an idiot.

    Ban this guy for life. Let him then move on and work on his second career – jail time.

  9. As Big Green Bird, etc. proves that his past goes into consideration whether to throw a flag or not. So, a flag is thrown because it’ s Burfict, not because there is an actual penalty. That thinking is why the NFL is losing fans.

  10. Someone needs professional help

    We believe as we,know you had to get some personally. Nice of you to be so helpful.

    Burfict just needs to be kicked out before he really hurts someone.

  11. “jasecity says:
    November 12, 2017 at 4:58 pm
    After watching the replays for the personal foul and touching the ref it is clear there is a witch hunt for Burfict. He brought this on but my god call the penalty not the player.

    18 8 Rate This”

    Yeah. There’s a witch hunt, alright. A completely warranted witch hunt. The dude runs wild, undisciplined, unprofessional, dirty, constantly shining a light on his dirty play and you’re upset that the officials are focusing on him? Ha. Welcome to my world — an Arizona State fan. Watching Burfict’s embarrassing act every Saturday back in his college days. Same as now, the officials would watch him after every play with their hands already grasping their flags. Just waiting for him to do something dumb. And you know what, he almost always delivered.

    You don’t see half the crap Burfict pulls out there unless you’re at the game. I would watch him after every play and he’d be hitting late, getting in guys faces, jawing at refs . . . the dude is a one-man circus and the greatest clown in town.

    Like I told my Cincy fan when they signed Burfict as an UDFA: “He’s your problem now.”

  12. I think it would just make more sense to throw him out of the league at this point. If the refs are going to overcall every situation he’s just going to end up playing for free. Not sure why the ref has his hands on him in the first place, but why let facts get in the way of a NFL story – they haven’t for years. Wonder which Colt took the helmet to helmet hit today that the league will ignore, since a certain nation runs the league office.

    My brother gave up on the NFL awhile back – it’s like watching pro wrestling to him. Hard to argue anymore.

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