Chaz Green on allowing five sacks: This is on my shoulders; I let the team down

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After Cowboys left tackle Chaz Green had given up yet another sack to Adrian Clayborn — who knows which one it was as he surrendered five — Fox analyst Troy Aikman didn’t mince words.

“That’s a pretty embarrassing play,” said Aikman, a former Cowboys quarterback. “That’s about as bad as I’ve seen someone get beat in all my years watching football.”

The criticism of Green continued long after the Cowboys’ 27-7 loss to the Falcons. Green expected it and accepts it.

“I feel like this is on my shoulders,” Green said, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “I let the team down.”

The Cowboys played without All-Pro Tyron Smith, who stayed in Dallas with a groin injury. With 8:18 remaining in the game, the team finally — mercifully — replaced Green with Byron Bell, though he wasn’t much better in allowing two sacks.

Clayborn’s six sacks were the second most in an NFL game since sacks became an official statistic in 1982. Only Chiefs’ Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas ever had more, making seven against the Seahawks in 1990.

It triggered a $250,000 incentive bonus for Clayborn, which he gets for reaching six sacks this season if he finishes the year on the 53-player roster. He entered with two sacks in eight games.

The Cowboys obviously didn’t see this coming or they would have planned for more help for Green. Green started for Smith twice last season and allowed only one sack.

“No excuses,” Green said. “I’ve just got to get better.”

23 responses to “Chaz Green on allowing five sacks: This is on my shoulders; I let the team down

  1. Yes, Chaz, this is on you; however, let’s not leave out Garrett, who waited until the 4th quarter, after Dak had the crap knocked out of him, to replace you or get you some help!!! Just work harder, son, it is NOT ALL on you 😦

  2. Dont give him any help? What kind of coaching does this Dallas team have? A coach who stands on the sideline and claps his hands while chewing gum.

  3. ^ One of the 9,088 reasons is that despite Chaz Green playing miserably, Garrett refused to either a) put Witten on that side to help or b) keep a back in the backfield to block whatever mess is made by Green. Ridiculous how he handled the situation with his young quarterback taking a beating.

  4. Really??? After 2 sacks maybe get the guy some help. Repace him in fourth quarter?
    They must not had wanted to win today

  5. So, I get that now is an emotional time, but really? Fire Garrett? Who’s going to coach this team? Rod Marinelli? He’s 10-38. Scott Linehan? He’s 11-25.

    Let’s be real… Garrett may not be the best coach, but he’s decent and has posted 12-4 and 13-3 seasons in 2 of the last 3 years.

    Remember that this is how you felt after the Rams loss… then they won three straight. Take it one week at a time.

  6. ————–

    “Only Chiefs’ Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas ever had more, making seven against the Seahawks in 1990”


    Put an asterisk next to DT’s feat in 1990. It came in a LOSS to the Seahawks on the last play of the game. Thomas let Dave Krieg slip out of his grasp on what would’ve been his 8th sack of the game, Krieg ducked and then tossed the game winner.

  7. Cowboys had to have a plan in case Smith was out- fail
    Garrett has to make in game adjustment-fail
    I’m sure Jones will blame injuries of the loss- as though no other team suffers those.

  8. Guy literally got beat to the outside and never adjusted. If you are getting killed to the outside, cheat your split, give a bit of depth on your kick step and get your ass wide. Better to overplay the outside and get beat inside once to establish how wide you have to get before giving up the inside. Even when he had help to the inside he didn’t set wide enough, cardinal mistake.
    When he is beat he needs to try and wash the rusher past. This is where Cowboy fans bristle, Dak needs to step up more. He wants to escape out the back all the time and that makes it harder on the T’s who can’t work their guys past the pocket.

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