Colts say they followed concussion protocol in clearing Jacoby Brissett

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The Colts defended their handling of quarterback Jacoby Brissett during Sunday’s loss to the Steelers. The team detailed how Brissett was allowed to return to the game before developing concussion symptoms afterward.

The Colts followed concussion protocol, with a team doctor and an independent neurological consultant clearing Brissett. He did not miss a play after Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier had Brissett in the grasp and linebacker Stephon Tuitt dove over the pile making helmet-to-helmet contact with Brissett.

“Jacoby Brissett was evaluated for a concussion in the third quarter of today’s Colts-Steelers game,” the Colts statement reads. “Colts team doctors administered a concussion evaluation, which Brissett passed and he was returned to the bench, but was not returned to the game. When the unaffiliated neurological consultant was available, he [Brissett] was returned to the tent and again passed a concussion evaluation. After the game in the locker room for several minutes, Brissett developed symptoms and is now in the concussion protocol.”

Colts coach Chuck Pagano said before Brissett was placed in concussion protocol that the quarterback “went through the proper procedures through the protocol and got back out there.”

Scott Tolzien was on the field with the rest of the offense for the start of the next Colts’ possession, but Brissett replaced him before the first snap.

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  1. Honorable ? Hilarious.

    1998 Hearing Aids – In an interview, former Indianapolis Colt offensive tackle Tarik Glenn said that Colts’ center Howard Mudd and quarterback Peyton Manning used illegal hearing devices to block out crowd noise and amplify Mannings’ voice.

    2005 Noisegate – pumped in artificial crowd noise during Steelers possessions, a Steelers official pointed out many unidentified microphones attached atop poles and around the lower perimeter of the stadium that had nothing to do with the TV broadcast but the league refused to investigate

    2006 Roast The Pats-gate – turned heat in their dome up to 90 degrees when they knew several critical Pats players had the flu. At the same time turned off the cold water in the Pats locker room. In the end they still needed a penalty called for “face guarding” which had been removed from the list of penalties 2 years prior to win the game. Face guarding was no longer a penalty at that time.

    2007 Noisegate – caught on national TV piping in artificial crowd noise during game against Pats

    2011 Suck for Luck

    2011 – Manning starts using HGH

    2012-2017 PEDs – 7 players busted and suspended

    2014 Noisegate – Whining John Harbaugh accused the Colts of piping in artificial crowd noise though it was never proven in this case and after all, it was Harbaugh whining

    2015 Deflategate – 3 of the 4 Colts balls measured by the gauge the league used by the Wells report to determine the psi of Pats balls, however the league and Wells set aside that info as if it didn’t exist and all the Colts balls were legal

    2015 Framegate – the Colts claimed that the DB who intercepted a ball from Brady immediately went to the coaches claiming the ball felt very soft, though when later interviewed said DB claimed he never made any such claim to his coaches and the ball felt “fine”, that ball was then the only one of the Pats balls that was too far under allowable psi levels to be explained by the ideal gas law, the league has refused to investigate the possibility any member of the Colts staff deflated the ball before turning it into the league

    2015 and 2016 Injurygate – Concealing serious injuries to QB Andrew Luck

    And that’s not including the owner giving opioids to a woman who OD’d and died in his own home which any non billionaire would have been jailed for. Along with all his other drunken, inebriated antics.

    Yeah, real “honorable”

  2. Yeah, real “honorable”


    Spygate (2007)

    PEDSgate (5x since 2007)

    Snowplowgate (1982)

    IRgate (2013)

    Plus all the signals that they jammed of other teams

  3. wib22 says:
    November 12, 2017 at 7:57 pm
    Plus all the signals that they jammed of other teams

    Not to mention the signal from your dignity that should prevent your obsession from becoming so public, they always seem to have that one all kinds of jammed up.

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