Giants have no plan to bench Eli Manning, yet

Getty Images

The Giants won’t be benching Eli Manning. Until they do.

With the season still not completely over (it’s close) and with a winnable game coming later today in the friends-and-family confines of Levi’s Stadium, the Giants are putting out the word that they won’t be benching Manning.

That’s fine for now, but at some point it will become professional malpractice not to give Eli a seat and see what third-round rookie Davis Webb can do. If it’s true that scouts have been told to do a full evaluation of incoming rookie quarterbacks, it would be foolish to pull the trigger on a signal-caller with a high first-round pick without knowing whether Webb can get it done.

And what if the Giants eventually decide that: (1) Webb can’t get it done; and (2) they don’t love any of the incoming crop of quarterbacks? Eli could still be the guy in 2018.

The problem is that Eli may not want to be the guy in 2018 if he doesn’t get to finish the job in 2017, no matter how far off the rails the train rolls. And that’s the one most overlooked elements in questions swirling about Eli’s future. He may be ready to move on to a new team, even if the Giants aren’t ready to move on to a new quarterback.