Rams get another easy win, blow out the Texans

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The Rams aren’t just winning football games, they’re making it look easy.

Today against the Texans, Jared Goff marched the Rams’ offense up and down the field while the Rams’ defense shut down Houston’s offense, and Los Angeles won 33-7.

Goff threw for 355 yards and three touchdowns, and Robert Woods was outstanding as Goff’s top target, catching eight passes for 171 yards and two touchdowns.

The Rams are the highest-scoring team in the NFL this year, which is an enormous credit to first-year coach Sean McVay, who inherited the lowest-scoring team in the NFL from Jeff Fisher and last year’s staff. It’s stunning what a difference McVay has made in his first year in Los Angeles.

Also stunning is how bad the Texans are without the injured quarterback Deshaun Watson. Houston was a tough team to beat with Watson under center, but with Tom Savage at quarterback the Texans are terrible. Savage threw two interceptions and lost two fumbles today. When Watson got hurt, the Texans’ season effectively came to an end.

The Rams are now 7-2, matching their best win total ever under Fisher, who never went better than 7-9 as the Rams’ head coach. They’re looking like NFC title contenders. The Rams are for real.

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  1. surprise of the season? id say so. good for them..it’s been a while since the rams were this competitive this late

  2. I hate to say it, but the Rams cake walk schedule ends this week. They’ll get the stuffing knocked out of them in Minnesota. However, I do think they’re a distant second or third in the NFC.

  3. People always say the Vikings are overrated and blah blah blah. If the Vikings can beat this juggernaut Rams team next week I’ll be very happy. It’ll be a great test. Congrats Rams on a great season and see you next week. May the best team win…

  4. That was a good effort from the Texans D in the first half. Combined with that and Lechler continually pinning the Rams deep, I was nervous.

    Rams really made a nice adjustment at halftime.

    Robert Woods looks like he’s emerging as the Rams no 1. Hope they can get Watkins involved a little earlier.

  5. Still think the eagles are the best team overall…. but I really like watching this rams team. Goff is good and the defense is getting to greatness.

    The big story though, and I say this as an eagles fan who’s coach is having a pretty good year, Mcvay is the coach of the year and I’m not sure it’s close. Looking forward to a rams eagles nfccg here in philly.

  6. McVay deserves every bit of praise he gets. Long term losing begets a mindset in an organization that isn’t easy to shake, he is off to a heck of a start. That said you have to feel bad for Houston, the light they thought they saw at the end of the tunnel turned out to be an oncoming train.

  7. As a Rams fan I’m happy but much props to the Texans for playing extremely tough for over a half. I don’t know what’s it’s going to take for LA fans to actually show up but it’s pretty obvious they play better on the road. Now the real tough part of the schedule starts and we are going to find out what this team is really made of.

  8. “This division is Seattles. You can beat everyone you want…..but you gotta beat the Seahawks to take it.”

    This statement would be true if Seattle was currently in 1st place. They aren’t.

    Might I amend it-If the Seahawks want the division, they got to beat the Rams to take it.

  9. Was about to say exactly this.

    fordmandalay says:
    November 12, 2017 at 7:24 pm
    REALLY makes you realize just how bad a coach Jeff Fisher is (I’m posting this every week).

  10. (Diehard Ram fan here) Not sure if PFT was watching the same game I did. It was 9-7 at the half, and quite frankly, Houston dominated much of the first half. It was only in the third quarter that the Rams started marching up and down the field, assisted by self-flagellation by the Texans, especially their maligned QB.

  11. Why does everyone keep talking about how colleges aren’t preparing QBs for the NFL? There have been a lot of stud QBs coming out of college lately. Now the idiots are saying the same thing about the next draft. Give me a break.

  12. Talking about being a 2nd half team. The Rams are currently outscoring their opponents 107 to 55 in the 2nd half of games. Also allowing 7 points or fewer in 8 out of 9 times in the 2nd half.

  13. McVay for CoY and it’s not even close. The Rams were one of the worst teams in the league last year and now they look great. I can only hope my Bears find a similar coach for 2018. Like the Rams, the Bears have some decent young players but absolutely no one in the building to teach them how to win or put them in position to do so. John Fox = Jeff Fisher. Good move Rams.

  14. Should be a great game next week. The Vikings and Rams are similar both defensively and offensively. A mini NFC championship game in Minneapolis. Can’t wait.

  15. Stoked for the game next week!! As an outsider, how did the Rams keep Fischer for so long? God he was so bad.

  16. commentawaitingdeletion says:
    November 12, 2017 at 7:23 pm
    McVay deserves every bit of praise he gets. Long term losing begets a mindset in an organization that isn’t easy to shake, he is off to a heck of a start. That said you have to feel bad for Houston, the light they thought they saw at the end of the tunnel turned out to be an oncoming train.


    I don’t feel sorry for Houston at all. It CHOSE to go with Savage over signing Kap. Teams like Denver, Houston, Miami, Cincy, Baltimore and Cleveland have chosen to put an inferior product on the field. No wonder ratings are down. SMH!

  17. darkneptune73 says:
    November 12, 2017 at 9:04 pm
    Rams are good but they’ve haven’t faced a good defense yet.

    Bull snappers!

    Go Mighty Rams!

  18. Funny how McVay suddenly became the second coming of Bill Bellichick!!! NOT!!!! If he were so great, Washington would have had more wins and been remotely dominate with him. They were a dink and dunk safe scripted passes offense that systematically were able to get yardage but struggled getting touchdowns. I think he has come into a bit of luck here. Solid talent. AND, the less mentioned DEFENSive COORDINATOR, Wade Phillips who made Denver a SB champion. Just look at Denver now with the same defensive talent basically but without Wade. The defense makes the offense with superior play. The offense can relax and not have to play a lot of catchup ball. There is something not quite natural here. I mean, just look at Kyle Shannahan who at least sniffed the playoffs and was headed to a win in the SB with a potent offense. And look at him now. Ugh, he doesnt have Wade Phillips! Football is a peculiar sport in that everything is connected.

    I assure you, no one is more surprised at his luck than Sean McVAy right now.

  19. Ramsnation! Anybody said we haven’t played anybody needs to kill themselves. We beat a good defensive team in Jacksonville and beat and outshot a offensive team in Dallas.

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