Report: Teams contacting Vontae Davis about possible playoff return

Getty Images

Cornerback Vontae Davis became a free agent this week when the Colts released him after a strange couple of weeks of dueling narratives about whether or not Davis was healthy.

Davis said his groin injury was limiting him on the field while the Colts said he’s healthy, something that seems to be a stretch with Davis set for surgery. That surgery will leave him rehabbing for a while, but a few teams are reportedly interested in having Davis on hand for a potential playoff run.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Davis has heard from teams in the mix for playoff spots about possibly signing and playing again if his recovery from the surgery goes well. No specific teams are mentioned, but cornerbacks are always in demand and Seattle comes to mind as a team that may be thinking about finding some help now that Richard Sherman is down for the year.

Davis struggled on the field for the Colts this season and any team thinking about bringing him on will be banking on Davis’ narrative being more accurate than the one Indianapolis put forward before his release.