Scot McCloughan’s grievance hearing set for December 18

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Five weeks from today, Washington faces the Cardinals at home. The next day, Washington takes on a much more familiar foe.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a hearing has been set for December 18 in the grievance filed by former G.M. Scot McCloughan against the team. Fired by the team in March for cause, McCloughan seeks payment of the balance of his contract. Washington has refused to pay.

It’s believed that Washington will argue that McCloughan was fired for alcohol use. The grievance is to expected to focus on proving that it’s a pretext for some other reason that would not justify blocking his compensation.

Starting on December 18, both sides will commence the process of proving their respective cases to the arbitrator, barring a settlement before then.

7 responses to “Scot McCloughan’s grievance hearing set for December 18

  1. is kapernick going to be there? What does he think about GMS’s being blackballed? Is Kap going to wear his castro power shirt? serious questions that need that have to be answered before the NFL can move forward.

  2. The Redskins should of given him some severance pay… Instead… What are they going to do… attack McC’s personal life in court? This isn’t good for business.

  3. And that is the mess of the Redskins derailing and ruining careers under Bruce Allen’s era!!!! Buyer beware. He helped them get where they are today and he deserves to be paid more than those fired coaches! Bruce Allen doesnt know how to get out of his own way. They should have fired Bruce Allen and kept Scott McCloughan. They were basically nothing until he came. He has the history of building winners on his resume. So we know he is not incompetent. Bruce Allen on the other hand………..

  4. Five weeks from today, Washington faces the Cardinals at home.

    That’s the professional SJW version. Here’s how a professional sportswriter does it:

    Five weeks from today, The Redskins face the Cardinals at home.

  5. I admit it – I’m a drunk (almost 4 years sober).

    I don’t care who you are – if you don’t or can’t do your job because you’re drunk, you don’t deserve to have it. I don’t know whether he dropped the ball or what happened behind the scenes.

    I’m also a REDSKIN fan who loved Scot McCloughan.


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