The Ben McAdoo watch begins

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PFT caught wind on Sunday morning of buzz that Ben McAdoo could be out as coach of the Giants on Monday if his 1-7 team loses to the 0-9 49ers.

Now that it has happened, it’s time to keep all eyes and ears open for a premature pink slip for Ben McAdoo.

An in-season firing would go against the team’s reputation, along with all reports regarding McAdoo’s future. But now that the Giants have lost once again — and have once again shown signs of players not going all out (check out the replay of C.J. Beathard‘s touchdown run early in the fourth quarter, and the effort given, or not, by cornerback Eli Apple) — Monday could be the last day for McAdoo to bring his slick-backed ‘do to the team’s facility.

This isn’t a firm report that it will happen. But people in the know are saying that it could. And so we’ll wait to see whether it’s McAdoo or someone else running the show when the Giants face the Chiefs next Sunday at MetLife Stadium, where the crowd eventually be as small as the crowd they saw today in Santa Clara.

48 responses to “The Ben McAdoo watch begins

  1. There are hardly ever any in season HC firings and least of all from an organization as conservative as the Giants. However, McAdoo is asking for it and they do have a former HC as an assistant right now so it probably would be the wise move. Either way, the Giants won’t win again this season. They are what people in NY thought the Jets would be.

  2. Just like a hurricanes status this is not a watch it’s now a warning and you should evaluate

  3. The NFL needs to revoke the team from the Giants and sell it to China.

    Time to dissolve the criminal family enterprise of the Mara Family.

  4. patsrthegreatest says:
    November 12, 2017 at 7:37 pm
    Totally quit on the coach

    What about that Giants trolls?
    Hate to disappoint you, but I’m a Giants fan, not a troll. They are arguably the worst team in the league this year, but that isn’t going to stop me from being a fan. Every team has these years (yes, the Patriots do too, but the bandwagon fans wouldn’t know that).

    MacAdoo is not only a bad coach, but he’s an ARROGANT bad coach. Not a combination that is going to last long. He lost this team weeks ago. That being said, he can take Jerry Reese and Eli Apple with him. And don’t forget to take E”wreck” Flowers while you’re at it!

  5. considering how bad it is going to be this week in the NYC media,ben might be asking to be fired. after the way his team has completely quit on him the last few weeks,is there any doubt? the oldest saying in the nfl “i can’t fire all the players ,so i have to fire the coach”

  6. Hint #1: is he running after the team bus on the way to the airport??????
    Hint #2: it’s not stopping for him.

  7. You could esemble the greatest team in the world if the effort isn’t there if they are not put in positions to succeeed and the p
    LAY calling and preparation is awful they won’t win this is not on Reese it’s all on macadufus

  8. At least SF was putting out a professional effort in the 9 games they lost. It paid off today against a NYG squad that had zero guts and less effort. Nice first win Niners/Shanahan/Lynch and Giants you should be ashamed of that pathetic effort

  9. endtimesparty says:
    November 12, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    I thought that win at Denver after all those injuries would have given him a job for life.
    Well, it turns out that Denver is terrible, so beating them didn’t mean squat.

  10. After firing the coach, find every player that quit on the coach Sunday and find a replacement. Put the starter on the bench. Find someway to dock their pay. Dare (dare, dare!) the NFLPA to file a complaint. Trade or release every one of them on the first day after the end of the season. It’s one thing if the team is truly that bad; it’s another thing when the team quits on the coach. That’s a cancer that can be treated quickly.

  11. Mcadoo has handled himself like a clown since he got here but when you have your entire defense making business decisions on the field , including those that were very handsomely paid last offseason , the problems are much deeper than who coaching the team .

  12. People hated the previous head coach and continually were saying he was out. Then they’d catch fire and win. All this was suppose to change with the new head coach. It’s an organization problem. They lost their star player on offense.

  13. What a total bust he has turned out to be. No passion on the side lines or at the podium. I vote the team just leaves him on the west coast.

  14. Looks like a lot of head coaches will be canned soon.


    Probably more I’m not thinking of right now, but at least 6-7 will be gone next year.

  15. When you let a gm stay who then says he wanted to go with youth at tackle despite having an older immobile QB and no talent at tackle as a demonstrated fact that is talked about in all the papers for months, you get what you deserve. Giants ownership is as stupid as the worst part of the 70s, exemplified by that stupid GD Superbowl clock they had a couple of years ago. A sign of intelligence would see ress and McAdoo gone in the morning. A disgrace. And all these high priced free agents that won’t play now, cut them in the morning too.

  16. patsrthegreatest says:
    November 12, 2017 at 7:37 pm
    Totally quit on the coach

    What about that Giants trolls?


    Technically speaking, aren’t you trolling with this post?

  17. The NFL is missing a serious opportunity. They should have a night to announce all of the firings, just like a draft soecial. Call it the NFL Shaft.

    Ed Werder I nominate to hist (having gotten the shaft from ESPN). Expert commentary from fired coaches…

  18. McAdoo and the Giants also handled the Josh Brown situation about as badly as possible. They knew something was up, they only cared because it became a news story, and only THEN did they cut him. Hearing McAdoo defend Brown’s re-signing was almost as bad as his recent press conferences.

    Should have fired the Giant front office for re-signing brown and trying to spin it as not anything else but awful.

    Not sure why Zeke has to pay because the NFL didnt lift a finger to investigate brown until after it became newsworthy, and only then reacted due to negative publicity.

    Zeke was not charged by the police for what happened. Brown? uh….

    But the Giants are the good guys.

  19. Add Vance Joseph.

    Ive a sneaky suspicion that Mike Shanahan might wind up in Denver again…

    ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    November 12, 2017 at 8:27 pm
    Looks like a lot of head coaches will be canned soon.


    Probably more I’m not thinking of right now, but at least 6-7 will be gone next year.

  20. edsales87 says:
    November 12, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    2nd week in a row Eli Apple has quit on the field.
    It’s like he either doesn’t know that he’s on film, or he doesn’t care if he’s running on a continuous loop on Sportscenter.

    Everything was going so great for this team until the WRs decided they should go to Miami before the playoff game last year, and then play like garbage after they came back. It’s been a disaster ever since, except in Denver, but from what I’ve seen of them they’ve got the same issues as the Giants.

  21. I loved Spags in 2007 & 08 & last year, but to me the biggest let down this year is the defense. All the money is in the defense & the CB’s has deactivated themselves for the last 2 games. He is just as responsible for this mediocrity as McDooDoo. They both should be fired!! Personally I would attempt to trade Vernon & JPP during draft they paid them for sacks based on pressures; well now they aren’t getting pressures either.

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