Vikings rolling on offense, up 28-17 on Washington


Washington has played a pretty good half of offensive football.

They’re still down 28-17 at halftime, because Case Keenum has played a great half.

The Vikings quarterback has thrown for 188 yards and three touchdowns already, as the Vikings have rolled up 247 yards of total offense in 30 minutes of football.

That’s counteracting a pretty good half of work by Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins, who has thrown for a surprising 149 yards and a touchdown of his own, but he’s also been picked off once.

The Vikings are used to winning with defense and just-enough from Keenum, but he’s showing he isn’t just some placeholder for Sam Bradford and now Teddy Bridgewater.

23 responses to “Vikings rolling on offense, up 28-17 on Washington

  1. I called Case having a big game and locking down the starting job rest of the year earlier this week, even fellow Viking fans were questioning it! The dude has entered the zone and we need to roll with it

  2. It shouldn’t be this close the scrum push of Cousins into the end zone was absurd. The NFL needs to stop letting linemen push offensive players forward. Where is the players safety concern there? You see it all the time, the defense with stand a player up,progress is stopped. And then one or more 300# linemen push the guy forward. It isn’t fun to watch either. Blow the whistle.

  3. While josh Norman and obj keep their feuding….. Adam thielen just says….. josh Norman who?????

  4. 4 TD passes now for Keenum and a perfect passer rating. I’m sure Bridgewater could easily duplicate that since he clearly has more “upside”, despite not playing for a year and a half.

  5. Keenum is playing great football. He’s playing like an mvp. Teddy is so butthurt he won’t even congratulate keenum for his amazing 4 td in the beginning of the third q. And amazing play all year with first place by a couple games!! This is keenums teams and hes taking them to the playoffs!! What had Bridgewater done in his career to bench keenum who’s has his team 6-2 and will most likely be 7-2 after today. He’s has his team up 35-17 with 4tds. He’s amazing. Bridgewater ain’t no Russell Wilson or tom brady. He’s mediocre. Keenum makes Bridgewater look like a rookie. I’ll take keenum over Bridgewater any day. That’s a no brainer. If keenum gets benched for Bridgewater this season, the coach deserves to get fired. Bridgewater is mediocre and injury prone. I would trade Bridgewater and sign keenum to a long term contract. Do not let keenum test free agency. Someone will steal him from the vikings. Then you’re stuck with a mediocre injury prone weak arm Bridgewater. I’ve always liked keenum,back with the texans. He’s a confident qb who doesn’t quit and plays lights out and protects the ball . I wish the niners had him. Keenum is playing 100 times better than teddy has ever played in his career. Keenum is way better. Its not even close. Who is teddy Bridgewater? What has he ever done? vikings will make one of the biggest blunders in nfl history if they keep teddy the mediocre qb Bridgewater over case the killer keenum.

  6. logicalvoicesays says:
    November 9, 2017 at 11:19 am
    When lousy Kirk Cousins is far and away the best QB stepping on the field over every QB on your depth chart, you know you have a serious problem. I’m suppose to believe the Redskins are going to lose to Case Keenum and an overrated defense who has played NOBODY when our defense is way better, gone into harsh conditions and won under REAL talent like Ryan Kerrigan and Josh Norman. Fake news/6-2 record. Not a Packers fan, an NFL fan telling you unless Tarkenton makes a comeback, Minnesota will always be irrelevant and a loser just like the Philadelphia Team. Redskins by at least 14.

    I can’t think of anything to say other than this:
    Your beloved team is making Keenum look like Tarkenton… well… no… actually, they’re making Keenum look better than Tarkenton.

    35-14 buddy.

  7. wib22 says:
    November 12, 2017 at 2:48 pm
    This will end with them losing in hilarious fashion come playoff time.

    But all you packer geniuses said the Vikings wouldnt even win 6 games this year.

    Check your packer stock. The value keeps falling.

  8. Some Packer fan said that the Vikings would go to Washington and be exposed as a fraud.

    Lets all listen to THAT guy from now on, bunch of geniuses in Wisconsin!

  9. Wib22 you sound like a jealous girlfriend. Vikings are playing like a superbowl team with a third string qb playing like a hall of famer and a top notch defense. Keep watching the vikings play great football. It’s better than watching your joke of a team.

  10. Frazier28/7 says:
    November 12, 2017 at 3:14 pm
    I thought the collapse was supposed to begin in DC?
    Well, according to Stella and the other packer trolls, it will be called a collapse and a choke unless the Vikings win the Super Bowl. And if that happens, it will be an asterisk.

  11. I love that in the middle of football Sunday Viking fans are on Pft posting about the Packers.

    And hey Dahmer, your d has allowed 27 pts…wouldn’t be bragging.

  12. I’m betting 6-8 Vikings picked for the Pro Bowl, wouldn’t be surprised if Keenum isn’t one of them!

  13. pkrlvr says:
    November 12, 2017 at 3:58 pm
    I love that in the middle of football Sunday Viking fans are on Pft posting about the Packers.

    And hey Dahmer, your d has allowed 27 pts…wouldn’t be bragging.


    Even better is in the middle of Sunday football a packer fan is on a Vikings/Redskins post.

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