Adrian Clayborn: I only have one move and it worked

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Falcons defensive end Adrian Clayborn became the fourth player in NFL history to record six sacks in a game on Sunday when he dominated Cowboys left tackle Chaz Green in a 27-7 win.

Those six sacks triggered an incentive bonus and were just 1.5 less than Clayborn’s previous career high for an entire season. Defensive tackle Dontari Poe called Clayborn’s performance “videogame-like” and quarterback Matt Ryan said Clayborn “energized” the team, but Clayborn didn’t dress things up too much.

“I only have one move and it worked,” Clayborn said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

There was a little bit of variety in how the sacks materialized, but Clayborn’s speed got him past Green most of the time.

That move probably wouldn’t have worked out as well if Tyron Smith were in the lineup on Sunday, but the Cowboys didn’t have him because of a groin injury. That absence turned out to be the most significant one for a team that was also without running back Ezekiel Elliott and they’ll need him back next week if they don’t want the Eagles to make a run at duplicating Clayborn’s effort.

21 responses to “Adrian Clayborn: I only have one move and it worked

  1. My poor Cowboys…done for the season. The saddest thing is that they have no cap space to make significant changes, and coupled their inconsistencies they are doomed to mediocrity for about the next decade. Even though last season was great the playoffs show they are imbalanced and won’t achieve under current leadership. I love Garrett but I think we’ve seen the best of what he can provide. I’m not saying there’s better available, but I just believe he has hit his ceiling.

  2. It’s true, we saw it over and over.

    When the Cowboys FINALLY decided to give their LT help, he didn’t understand the blocking scheme and got beat yet again.

  3. What exactly does Jason Garrett do? I see him clap a lot, chews a lot of gum and that’s about it. Pregame planning? In game changes? half-time adjustments? I realize its not easy working for Jerry but there has to be an actual head coach out there who would do it.

  4. sceaglesfan,,,,,,,,,

    You hit the nail on the head!!!! Garrett is useless, needs Clock management 101, and has NEVER been able to make in-game adjustments! They decided to try B.Jones, with 8 minutes left in the 4th, course Dak was already mincemeat by then….smh…I believe 7 years is long enough, and he needs to GO!!! This is from an avid Cowboys’ fan…..Dez totally disappeared in the second 1/2, but Dak has zero chemistry with Dez, not like Romo. AND, where was DMac???? A RB change up sure couldn’t have hurt 🙁 I’m totally disgusted…..

  5. Chaz is better than the way he played, but he wasn’t even servicible against the falcons. That’s not coaching, that’s a player getting their ass kicked. Chaz had help to the inside but consistently got caught flat-footed and beat to the outside. Give Clayborn credit but that is a player effort issue from Chaz. Where was this disparegment of the coaching staff last week, you know, when the Cowboys were dominating the chiefs? Can’t have it both ways. No excuses. I’m looking for both Chaz and the Cowboys to bounce back this next game like they did against the cardinals after the broncos game, only exception being, they are playing a much dirtier bird this week, hailing from a philthy city–the filthiest, in fact, in the western hemisphere.

  6. sceaglesfan says:
    November 13, 2017 at 7:20 am
    What exactly does Jason Garrett do?
    He does whatever Jerry tells him to do and doesn’t ask why.

  7. Chaz is a better guard than tackle. But, with Tyrone being injured and having a back issue that doesn’t seem to be getting better, it might be time to look for that new stud LT. Hopefully the Cowboys can adjust to take some of the pressure off of Dak as the Eagles didn’t need it, but got a blue print of how to get into the backfield pretty easily.

  8. Dallas really isn’t that much different than last year. The defense is better but Lee can’t stay healthy, and the o line hasn’t always played up to its rep after losing two starters.

    The bigger issue is whether they will have the cash to sign some of these D linemen. They could go back to being really bad on defense again very quickly.

  9. “I only have one move and it worked”

    Thanks for confirming that garbage cans get steaks once in a blue moon

    That said, no excuse for setting up your backup LT for failure; Jones or no Jones.

  10. Was Green playing out of position? Is he really a pulling guard forced to backup the left tackle or something? I’m glad my team won but I feel for that guy. Put someone in the backfield to chip AC or someone in the flat as a dump off. Seems like Dallas could have mitigated that bloodbath.

  11. Best line ever, and I am a Cowboys fan. Green had a decent camp, he was thought to be in line for a starting job. It was unfortunate for sure. He did not look like an NFL player out there and is likely done with Dallas, I would thing. Sean Lee leaving the game is the biggest reason we lost. Getting behind like we did, the running game was ditched, and I am sorry to admit, but outside of Witten and Beasely, (both of whom are role players) we do NOT have receivers that are a threat to anyone. Are they good players? Ok, sure, but is anyone, anywhere scared of our receivers? At all? Um, NOPE. If Dak had a Julio Jones or Randy Moss type guy, Dallas would be hurting people, bad. Dez aint that, truth be told, he never was.

  12. Dude, the only freaking reason Adrian Clayborne did what he did picking up 6 freaking sacks on the night is because he went against an utterly incompetent offensive linemen OG Chaz Green, who is A LEFT GUARD that was forced to play LT due to Smith being out injured. Green has no business playing Left-Tackle in the NFL and it showed, he’s freaking horrible. The fact Clayborne went against the NFL’s worst linemen who has no business at Tackle won’t stop from Falcons fans from trying to say Clayborne is some kind of “Elite” NFL Pass-Rusher, which he’s not, truth is Clayborne is horrible when going against actual NFL OT’s.

  13. Players did not play well but I think the coaching hurt us more… garret should have help green a lot sooner…need to stop forcing the ball to dez!!! He is not going to kill anyone going for the deep ball..

  14. Btw. Chaz Green is a tackle (started 2 games at LT last year and played really well) and not a guard, hence why Jonathan Cooper is starting at LG and not Green. He just had a bad game, probably worst of his career. Tough to rebound in game but he will surely be better this week if he has to go again.

  15. Apparently giving a left tackle that is struggling some help is out of the question. Six sacks from one player means the opposing coach is an idiot.

  16. Clayborne has been consistently playing at a higher level this season than at any time in his career. The sack total certainly jumped yesterday for reasons discussed, but he’s really having a good year. Let’s see if he can follow it up in the remaining games.

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