Byron Maxwell is back with Seahawks

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The Seahawks lost an original member of the Legion of Boom for the season when cornerback Richard Sherman tore his Achilles against the Cardinals last Thursday and they’re bringing another one of them back to fill his spot on the roster.

According to multiple reports, the Seahawks will sign Byron Maxwell to the 53-man roster. A report over the weekend put Maxwell, who also visited with the Falcons recently, in the mix for a return to Seattle.

Maxwell was a Seahawks sixth-round pick in 2011 and spent four years with the Seahawks. He was in a reserve role for much of the time, but parlayed a starting run in 2014 into a big deal with the Eagles as a free agent. Things did not go well in Philly and Maxwell was traded to the Dolphins last year. He started 13 games last year and two more this season before getting released.

Jeremy Lane, Shaquil Griffin and Justin Coleman should also be in cornerback mix the rest of the way for the Seahawks.

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  1. Good. Now the Dolphins will only owe him the difference between their contract and this one. We should have never released him. We were going to cut him after this season anyway. We are going to regret that move as the season moves forward. Someone will eventually get injured and he can be good when he applies himself.

  2. Of course the “12’s” will deem this an incredible steal and another example of why John Schneider is sheer genius.

  3. Wow, he’s awful. He was regularly picked on in Philly and Miami to the point where he was worthless.

    Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman were as good as it gets, but rest of the secondary was pretty pedestrian. Brandon Browner could hit and lower the boom with the best of them, but struggled in coverage too. On the Patriots, McCourty and Revis played cover for him and Thomas and Sherman the same in Seattle. Maxwell is just another guy.

  4. He knows Seattle’s system and worked well in it before going to Philly and Miami. Thanks Miami for Dion Jordan too. Philly thanks for Markus Smith as well. Both seem to be doing pretty good in Seattle and were signed for vet minimum, as was Maxwell.

  5. In the Seahawk defensive scheme they need corners that can tackle. B-Max may be open to scrutiny about his coverage technique, he can and has tackled well on every team he has been on. In 2014 Championship game against Packers, he had 6 tackles and an interception. Glad they picked him up, going to fit well. Welcome back!

  6. Not sure why he didn’t fit well with those other teams? But he plays REALLY well on the Hawks, welcome back Maxi, welcome back!

  7. rdofinsup says:
    November 13, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Good. Now the Dolphins will only owe him the difference between their contract and this one.

    The dollfins cut Maxwell before the trade deadline. As a vested veteran he immediately became a FA, Miami gets zero cap relief as a result of this signing.

  8. At the moment, this is the best it can likely get for both Maxwell and Seattle. Finding decent corners on the street at this point in the season is pretty much like trying to get the last bit of guacamole out of the bowl at the end of the party…too little, too late. That said, the Seahawks have a different need at corner from most other teams and one the Maxwell can likely be somewhat effective in:

    1. Cover your side of the field
    2. Kick Step at the line of scrimmage to get leverage on play coverage
    3. Don’t give up plays over the top and allow for underneath dink and dunk plays with low YAC.

    Maxwell never was a shut down deep corner and part of the problem was that Philly thought he was. Miami had to eat his salary on their trade earlier this year and that made him both unpopular and expendable (never going to last past his guaranteed money this year) which led to all kinds of weird freelancing stuff on the field.

  9. I still can’t believe what Philly paid for this guy. He was mediocre in Seattle, I don’t expect much of him upon his return. Actually, I’ll be surprised if he’s able to beat out Lane and Coleman for a starting spot.

  10. Great signing our system is what made Byron good he perfected the step kick and knows the system like the back of his hand and we only gotta pay a portion of the veteran minimum lol GO HAWKS!

  11. Right now the Seahawks need defensive backfield guys with a pulse. Word is Maxwell has one. So, I like the move.

  12. of course he’s not a superstar . . it ain’t easy to find in-season back-ups when starters go down. he’s likely the best of the not-so-great options.

    we’re gonna miss Sherman a ton, but what can you do, the teams that make the best post-season runs are almost always the teams that stay the healthiest.

  13. Worse case scenario he comes in, shows little and warms the bench in case there is another injury. Best case is he is able to translate his experience from the right side of the defense to the left side and gets a few picks when QB’s start deciding to throw his way versus Shaq’s. There really is no downside to this move.

  14. I think people forget its not like Seattle is bragging about their reacquiring Maxwell as in its something to be celebrated. What other options did the Hawks have?…of those options, this was the best for obvious reasons.

    Good move, but in perspective of the situation.

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