Jason Garrett on Sean Lee: It might be some time

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Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee has never had good luck with injuries during his NFL career. Now, the All-Pro has bad timing with his injuries.

Coach Jason Garrett delivered what sounds like not-so-good news about Lee’s injured hamstring.

“It might be some time,” Garrett said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News.

The Cowboys still list Lee as day to day, but he isn’t likely to play Sunday against the Eagles. It gets worse: The Cowboys have only three days off between games, playing the Chargers on Thanksgiving. Then, they play the following Thursday. So facing a stretch of three games in 11 days, it might be a stretch for the Cowboys to get Lee back for any of them.

Lee missed two games earlier this season with the hamstring injury and aggravated it after only eight plays in Sunday’s loss to the Falcons. Jaylon Smith repalaced Lee and made four tackles, but the Falcons rushed for 132 yards on 34 carries despite losing starting running back Devonta Freeman to a concussion after only two plays.

“Obviously when your front-line players go out, you have to be able to continue to play and be effective,” Garrett said. “Often times that’s seen on the offensive side of the ball, but it certainly applies to defense and certainly applies in Sean Lee’s case. We simply have to play better when he’s not in there. It’s not only against the run, but it’s against the pass. We’ll continue to look at that, the personnel that we have in there, what we’re asking them to do and just seeing if they’re capable of doing it on a consistent basis. Again, we’re evaluating that. We have to make sure we get better in that area.”

Left tackle Tyron Smith has a better chance to return to the lineup this month. The All-Pro worked out Monday morning, including running, as he nurses a groin injury that kept him out Sunday. Chaz Green started in Smith’s place and allowed five sacks before the Cowboys benched him.

“We’ll take his situation day-by-day,” Garrett said of Smith. “Probably don’t anticipate him practicing on Wednesday, but hopefully as the week goes on, he gets healthier and healthier and gets on the practice field.”

The Cowboys were without Lee, Smith, kicker Dan Bailey and running back Ezekiel Elliott for all or most of Sunday’s game. The four players have combined for eight Pro Bowls and four All-Pro nods.

20 responses to “Jason Garrett on Sean Lee: It might be some time

  1. Thinking about Lee, I’m often reminded of the video game character Glass Joe.

    This dude could be great if he could just stay on the field.

    You know what they say: The best ability is availability.

  2. I swear it’s like the Cowboys are forced to play 10 vs 11 whenever Sean Lee is out. It literally looks like they don’t even have enough guys out there when he’s not on the field.

  3. Good teams overcome injuries and missing players and still find a way to win. The Patriots didn’t miss a beat when Brady was serving his 4 game suspension.

  4. Eagles have been playing without their All-Pro caliber MLB (Hick) and their All-Pro LT (Peters) for most of the season, not to mention their All-Pro (top) offensive/ST weapon (Sproles), their #1 DB (Darby) and their #1 PK (Sturgis) for ALL of the season (and lost All Pros Cox for 2 games and Ertz for 1) and haven’t missed a beat.

    It’s called coaching, preparation and having depth on your roster.

  5. They got nowhere last season in the playofffs–as usual–and they were stacked. With the lethal combination of JJ and JG it will always be thus.

  6. The Cowboys have ignored the LB position far too long. They did try when they drafted J Smith but that has not worked out so far with his injury. They need a stud MLB or WLB because when Lee is out, the defense works about as well as the offense when LT Smith or RB Zack is out.

  7. Lol. Nuthinbutthetruth?ha butt. None the the guys you named have made an All-Pro, they are good players and kudos on overcoming the injuries but they are not on the level of Tyron, Lee, Zeke and Bailey–who all four actually have been/are All-Pros. Will get Tyron back this week and we’ll see how the game goes on Sunday. I know I’ll be there front and center, watching my Cowboys play

  8. Garrett is such a terrible coach – great counselor – but terrible coach. JJ thinks Red can become Tom Landry but it just isn’t going to happen. JJ’s karma is AFU – you can’t fire Landry and Jimmy Johnson and run off Parcells and expect good things to happen.

  9. Sean Lee’s value to that defense is incredible. Not because of his individual playmaking ability (which, right now, isn’t bad, but back in the day was absolutely incredible), but because of his instincts and his ability to coordinate the defense on the field for Rod Marinelli. Marinelli is an excellent line coach, but he relied on Lee (to be fair, who wouldn’t?) to get his guys in place and read offenses on the field. This just might be a bigger loss than Elliot-not because Sean Lee is individually a better player, but because he can’t be replaced as a signal caller. Dallas might be able to run for 80 yards a game here on out if they get Smith back, but I doubt they can stop the run without Sean Lee or someone else stepping in a huge way. Maybe Jaylon Smith will be able to down the line, but considering that this is essentially his rookie year? That would be impressive.

  10. nothingbuttthetruth says:
    November 13, 2017 at 5:31 pm
    Eagles have been playing without their All-Pro caliber MLB (Hick) and their All-Pro LT (Peters) for most of the season, not to mention their All-Pro (top) offensive/ST weapon (Sproles), their #1 DB (Darby) and their #1 PK (Sturgis) for ALL of the season (and lost All Pros Cox for 2 games and Ertz for 1) and haven’t missed a beat.

    Don’t forget their ST leader in Maragos

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