John Fox says he’s not concerned about his job security

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Bears coach John Fox is taking heat in Chicago today, both for the dumbest challenge of this NFL season, and generally for his 12-29 record as the team’s head coach. But Fox says he’s not feeling that heat on his seat.

Fox was asked after Sunday’s loss to the Packers if he’s worried about his job, and he said he’s not.

‘‘I’ve been doing this too long to ever worry about my job security, and I won’t start any minute going forward,’’ he said.

The thinking heading into this season was that the Bears, having signed Mike Glennon and drafted Mitchell Trubisky, probably understood that they were in a building mode and weren’t expecting Fox to have to compete for a playoff berth to keep his job. But the way the season has played out has been a disappointment, and if the Bears keep losing, Fox’s seat is going to keep getting hotter, whether he thinks so or not.

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  1. You had a beat up Packers team at home and you can’t coach your team up for this game. Better start measuring yourself up for some Cleveland Browns coaching gear.

  2. WHY should he worry about job security?….yes he will be fired in Chicago, but some fool owner in Indy or Tampa or Cleveland or NY will snatch him up based on his Carolina /Denver days. Don’t live in the present, ride on your past accomplishments. A CLLASIC re-tread.

  3. This guy like many NFL coaches has been just good enough to go from team to team because he’s a mid level coach that’s always been better than the really worthless coaches and with a little luck sometimes gets some good players and looks better than he really is for a few years and then moves on. He’s been around just long enough, been in the NFL since 1989, been a head coach since 2002, won 2 NFC Championships and 1 AFC Championship. He’s someone the owners feel is a safe bet, a comfortable choice, he’ll have a coaching job as long as he wants.

  4. Nearly a moot point. If Fox didn’t challenge the call McCarthy would have. Same result. The real story here is that Fox is as good as gone and that’s bad for every team in the NFC North.

  5. Sucks that as a Bears fan (and formerly passionate NFL fan with a dwindling attention span for the sport in general) I now, familiarly, resort to hoping that the Bears lose out in order to instigate yet another house cleaning of the coaching staff

  6. None of the NFL head coaches now need to worry about losing their job. It used to be that losing their job had financial implications. Now they get financial security when they sign the contract.

  7. Bears doing better than was expected at start of season. Lots of young people and a rookie qb. What does the media expect?

  8. He’s going to have the worst record as a Head Coach in Bears history by the end of the season, and considering they were a founding NFL team that says a lot. Maybe if he spent more time actually worrying about his job, our team wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.

    The only downside to canning him is that it might mean we lose Fangio, and he’s done a really good job considering what he’s been dealing with here. It’s not something that stops anyone with a brain from firing the entirely useless Fox, but it is a downside.

  9. bringbackwayne says:
    November 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    I have never once heard a coach say “yes”, when asked this question.


    “Why yes, Mr. Reporter, I’m terrified. I have been crying myself to sleep for weeks now.”

  10. Why should he? He’s already made so many millions he never has to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to. Nor do his family for that matter and probably the next several generations if he’s invested wisely.

    Hacks like this guy and Jeff Fisher epitomize the old Peter Principle of rising to the level of your incompetence.

  11. Nobody seems to care much anymore. Soldier Field is half empty on Veterans Day Weekend and Goodell is demanding a private jet for life. We are nearing the end.

  12. Fox has not coached since he left Carolina. Watching the Bears perform is a joke. They do penalties well, insist on running the ball nowhere and refuse to use the guy they moved up for in the draft in a passing game. No OL and special teams are anything but. They might make the assistant to the assistant their new coach.

  13. Any coach on the hot seat will never answer “yes” to this question. That is an unspoken rule. There sure are a bunch of hot seats, though. Fox, McAdoo, Lewis, Jackson, Pagano…anyone with coaching aspirations should have a number of openings to apply for.

  14. That’s OK because there are a lot of other things Fox isn’t concerned about such as: his team playing well, avoid stupid penalties, scoring points, giving up points, clock management, bonehead coach’s challenges, etc.

  15. ‘‘I’ve been doing this too long to ever worry about my job security, and I won’t start any minute going forward…’’

    …and it looks like Carolina is giving second chances to former employees…

  16. ValarMorghulis says:

    November 13, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Why is no one talking about how terrible Trubisky is?

    Probably because the people that talk about how bad rookie QBs are, lost their credibility complaining about Jared Goff last year, now they’re all hiding. Check out the list of HOF QBs. Some of their rookie years were worse than Trubisky’s.

  17. whats wrong Trubisky? He’s thrown to garbage receivers when they’ve let him throw. no one is ever open. He looks pretty good to me….he threw for nearly 300 yards yesterday.

  18. Fox should have been fired after 3-13 last year but the McCaskeys were too cheap to eat that much of his deal. He’s now 1-5 vs the Pack to go with abysmal records at home, in division and in conference. How much more is it going to take?

  19. Fox must also be the one giving Roy Moore political advice if Fox ain’t worried about his own gig. We can see why the Broncos let him depart.

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