Josh Norman on Washington D: “We didn’t have crap today”

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It’s not as if Washington doesn’t have anything to play for.

But it didn’t look that way, at least on defense.

After allowing the Vikings to roll up 406 yards and 38 points (including 21 unanswered), members of Washington’s defense said they were a bit to casual about the whole thing.

“We’ve got to find some juice, we’ve got to get going. We were so lackadaisical,” cornerback Josh Norman said, via Rich Tandler of NBC Sports Washington. “We didn’t have crap today, we really didn’t. Three unanswered scores, I was like, wow, what is going on today? We’re capable of doing [the job] week in and week out and that’s what’s the frustrating part about it. It was slack, just real slack, and that’s the most disappointing part about it.”

Even safety D.J. Swearinger, whose two interceptions provided a bit of a spark, noticed it.

“We relaxed as a defense, we didn’t pay attention to the details as we should,”Swearinger said. “I guess we got too high on ourselves, I don’t know the reason why. . . .

“Our Friday practice wasn’t good enough. You practice like you play. I try to set our tone. You can’t just say it, you’ve got to do it.”

It’s rare to hear a player specifically cite a day during the week in which a game was lost, especially when that day is not Sunday.

Perhaps coach Jay Gruden will go a little harder this week to help get their attention, as if their 4-5 record does not.

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  1. Safety D.J. Swearinger didn’t look too relaxed to me. That guy was on fire!

    As far as Gordon goes – Thielen OWNED him.

  2. The Vikings are just a better team. Don’t feel bad josh, lots of teams have felt the same sting after playing the Vikings. You guys got over confident with the Seattle win. News flash, Seattle is average.

  3. Swearinger was the only guy on defense who played like he cared. No, I don’t mean in a “I’m going to take the off” kind of way, but in a way where it looked like the game actually meant something. You can’t do that against a bad team, let alone a division leader and a good team in Minnesota.

  4. The Redskins didn’t play very well on defense. If the Redskins want to be involved in the wildcard discussion, the Redskins are going to have play a more complete game.

  5. Thumbed up every comment on here so far, not sure how anyone could thumb down (except “maybe” the horse collar one but it’s called sarcasm for those who don’t get it). All comments have been dead on.

    I watch every play of every skins game. That was definitely not the same defense I’ve been watching all this year…. seemed like it was the same defenses of the past 20 years actually, getting torched by the run and passing games, making sub par RB’s and QB’s look like All-Pro’s. Our offense finally gave us something – against a very good Vikings defense, and our D blows it (except for the 3rd TD after Kirk’s int, can’t really put that too much on our D). Not looking forward to the disaster coming to us next week, NO is going to throw up 50+ against THAT skins D.

  6. Norman was torched on the double move by diggs on Vikings first possession, thielen scored on him, but I think Norman had great coverage on that play. It was just a very good throw. But thielen burnt him deep late, and diggs and theilen both picked up some very important first downs on Norman.

    I wouldn’t say skins D played that bad. Just think a lot of teams don’t respect how good thielen really is. 2016 Vikings practiced against bengals and pacman was mouthing off about nobody wanted to cover thielen because he’s no good. I think it was right before hall of fame preseason game. Theilen is way better than teams give him credit for. Just a hard worker, who wants to be better everyday. Willing to bet, that 31 other teams in the league wished he was on their roster.

  7. I don’t understand as to why the ‘skins need to beat themselves down…it’s not as if they were any good beforehand.

  8. @elmerbrownelmerbrown @redlikethepig @logicalvoicesays

    Redskins 4-5 EAGLES 8-1

    Some of us were actually pulling for a W yesterday, because it helps our home field advantage. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the L.

    Yeah yeah, our trophy case is empty.

  9. I’ll give credit to the Skins defense and offense. I’m glad the Vikings won, but that score should have been different, as in allowing the Skins to almost get back into the win collum.

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