Micah Hyde calls Bills defensive performance embarrassing


A streaker hit the field at New Era Stadium on Sunday afternoon and ran for about 100 yards before security was finally able to flag him down.

Given the way the day played out, it wasn’t too surprising that the naked interloper found a lot of room to run. The Saints did something that no team has done since 1941 on Sunday when they ran for six touchdowns without punting the ball once in a 47-10 rout of the Bills in Buffalo.

They piled up 298 rushing yards on the way to those touchdowns, which was the most against the Bills since 2012 and further sign that the Buffalo defense has taken a turn for the worse after a strong start to the season. They’ve given up 81 points in back-to-back losses that left safety Micah Hyde unable to sugarcoat the results.

“It is concerning,” Hyde said, via NewYorkUpstate.com. “Obviously, we didn’t come out with the energy that we’re used to playing with. Simple as that. You can call it concerning just because we’re not playing our brand of football. It’s disappointing. It’s embarrassing to go out there and put that on film.”

It should be concerning for everyone with the Bills. At 5-4 with road games on tap the next two weeks and a home date with the Patriots once they return home, their playoff hopes could fall apart before we hit the final stretch of the schedule.

14 responses to “Micah Hyde calls Bills defensive performance embarrassing

  1. Total meltdown in Buffalo. – As bad as it has ever been. Why? a quarterback who is not growing, for whatever unknown reason. OC not creating plays that fit his players ability, Tyrod hit his ceiling, Oline quit? Yes to all. NFL has made itself into a QB driven league and now it appears they have shot themselves in the foot. No QB equals bad football.

  2. Rebuilds are painful, especially when the former GM totally wrecked every draft.
    It’ll take more pieces. QB tops the list. Same old story..

  3. Doug Whaley built that team without a decent QB, not a one.

    They ended up with no salary cap and no QB.

  4. .
    It’s amazing how rapidly things can change in the NFL. Last week Stephon Gilmore was a pariah in both Buffalo and Boston. This week not so much.

  5. What? What’s Micah talking about? Billswillnevermove said that the jills are going in the right direction. They’re building a champion. Someone must be wrong. I wonder who that could be LOL

  6. Dareus was obviously more important to run game than his stats showed. 500 yards ruahing given up in the 2 games since he was gone. Adulphis Washington gets pushed 2 yards off thw line every run play.

  7. It could get ugly next week too, you know Anthony Lynn’s Chargers are going to plan the same. Bills defense is looking weak, old & tired.

  8. For all of my criticisms of Sean McDermott, even I am surprised at how poorly coached and schemed his defenses have looked. Rex may have been a jackass, but he knows defensive talent and he did leave McDermott with plenty of talented guys who can play a little bit. McDermott is definitely not getting the most out of them. Hyde’s comments suggest that the players know it, too. This week of practice and preparation is the biggest of McDermott’s coaching career so far. The way the Bills respond to these two losses will speak volumes about whether or not he is really head coaching material at the present time.

  9. doubleogator says:
    November 13, 2017 at 11:12 am
    Funny all the complaints about QB play, meanwhile the Saints rushed for 300 yards yesterday….
    The Saints had the ball for 42 minutes and the Bills had it for 18.

    Can you guess why the Bills only had it for 18?

  10. I guess the holes in the defense were covered up by the insane rate turnovers we were causing….now its getting exposed, but I do like a lot of the pieces we have……6 picks next year in first 3 rounds will add some needed depth…..sadly in the AFC we are still right in the playoff hunt, but need to right the ship vs the Chargers

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