Monday’s PFT PM, Five-Down Territory edition


It’s another Monday, which means it’s time for another edition of the PFT PM podcast, Five-Down Territory edition.

It means that I’ll discuss five (duh) topics emerging from the tenth Sunday of the regular season.

Items include the decision of the Giants to keep coach Ben McAdoo (for now), Ben Roethlisberger‘s views on Thursday Night Football, figuring out the 7-2 teams from the NFC, more issues with the “clear and obvious” replay standard, and the ongoing Shakespearean drama regarding Roger Goodell’s new contract.

Plus answers to some of your questions. Which were very good today. For a change. (Not really “for a change”; they’re always good.)

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2 responses to “Monday’s PFT PM, Five-Down Territory edition

  1. The L-a-L-a-Land Chargers are a relocation mess. What will Spanos and the NFL do? Nothing. Joe Lockhart states “there have been NO discussions.” Which is a lie. Hello Goodell and the NFL….that’s the problem! No discussions. Bury the relocation problem. Don’t talk about it. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Fire Goodell!

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