Panthers find run game, and the end zone

Getty Images

The Panthers want to be a running team, just not with their quarterback.

And for a moment, they are again.

Christian McCaffrey just weaved his way to the end zone from 4 yards out, giving the Panthers a 10-0 lead on the Dolphins in the second quarter.

The 12-play, 85-yard drive included 12- and 18-yard runs by Jonathan Stewart, which is the kind of explosive plays they’ve been missing. He’s at 48 yards on seven carries so far.

Both Stewart and McCaffrey were averaging less than 3.0 yards per carry entering the game, and only the running of Cam Newton has kept them afloat in recent weeks.

They’re 15th in the league in rushing, but that’s not an indication of anything other than Newton’s ability to turn busted plays into something. If they can stabilize the traditional running game, they could be in business.