Stephen Jones: Talk of franchise forfeiture “laughable”

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In the ongoing battle over Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract, Stephen Jones is reacting to the owners’ nuclear option basically the same way the owners are reacting to Jerry Jones’ nuclear option.

The son of the team’s owner told 105.3 The Fan on Monday that the Joneses don’t view the threat of a potential forfeiture of the franchise as a real possibility.

I think it’s laughable,” Stephen Jones said. “We don’t take it serious.”

That’s a reasonable reaction, unless and until Jerry Jones decides to sue his partners to block Goodell’s contract. At that point, what happens next will be anyone’s guess.

It’s absolutely true that multiple owners have discussed the possibility of an Article XIII assault on ownership of the team. It’s absolutely true that multiple owners have become upset with the manner in which Jerry Jones has handled himself in recent months. Objecting discreetly to Goodell’s contract through proper internal channels is one thing; the decision to constantly air out the league’s dirty laundry is another. And the proverbial red line was crossed when Jones instigated (as multiple owners believe) the public criticism of NFL leadership by a red-shirted pizza magnate known as Papa John.

Jones has managed to alienate a group of very rich, very powerful people who are used to getting their way, pretty much all the time. And if Jones doesn’t stand down from his threat to become the new Al Davis of the NFL, the other NFL owners may react much different than they did when Davis was suing his partners and generally creating mayhem and unrest.

So the ball remains in the court of Jerry Jones. If his huffing and puffing about suing the league becomes anything more than huffing and puffing, the only question will be whose house gets blown down, and when.

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  1. Could Jones’ power play possibly be this? Get Goodell to agree to drop Elliot’s suspension to the 4 games he’s already going to have to serve waiting for the next court hearing and calling it good? Would be god if he can get those 2 games knocked off the suspension, though its not likely to do the Cowboys any good this year.

  2. There seems to be a belief in league circles that Jerry Jones would like to replace Goodell with his (Jones) guy and in turn having an extension of himself as NFL commissioner.

  3. On the other hand – it is laughable that the league would be willing to take on a huge financial loss by fore fitting their most valuable brand.

    Not only would they lose all Cowboy fans ticket sales and tv revenue… they would reprehensibly alienate a good portion of the rest of the entire NFL fan base in order to stick up for a commissioner every despises.

  4. Jones is the only owner standing up for the integrity and health of the league, the rest of them have allowed the NFL to be come the ultimate anti- American anti- Police, Goodell and complected owners have allowed the NFL to take political sides against the vast majority of the country an even higher percentage of its own fans.

  5. LOL Jerry bought the cowboys for $140 million in 1989. he’s already made that money back and then some. he could sell the cowboys for $1 and make a profit

    pantsfreezone says:
    November 13, 2017 at 4:07 pm
    If Jerry is smart he’ll sell now. In a year or two the value of the Cowboys, along with all the other teams, will be dropping about 5-10%.

  6. How do you see empty stadiums and Goodell routinely booed off stage at the draft and the Super Bowl, and then decide to keep him anyway? The whole point of a lightning rod is to not burn the rest of the place down.

  7. Jerry Jones IS the next Al Davis. He’s crazy, erratic, bloviating and full of himself to the max. And as we all know, he’s not selling the team, nor is he stepping down while he is living. Therefore, the Cowboys will never truly be a Super Bowl threat until he dies, just like the Raiders weren’t for the last 10 years of Al’s life.

  8. Jerry Jones isn’t an old fool like Sterling. If they try to force him out he’ll burn the NFL to the ground and expose every secret about what goes on behind closed doors and how the NFL controls the games, outcomes, etc.

  9. Al Davis never had a force sale of his franchise. It is laughable. Absolute worst case scenario, Stephen buys the team from Jerry.

    If the NFL commissioner tries to bully owners, I think he’ll lose support faster than a Russell Wilson concussion evaluation.

  10. What kind of imbeciles are in the NFL’s Head Office in addition to the Commissioner?

    How many more issues do Roger and his team have to bungle before the owners realize they can do so much better while putting a PR-nightmare behind them by firing Rotten Roger.

  11. If he sues the league what does he expect them to do? Roll over and ask for another? He may get that sort of behavior when he tells Jason Garrett what to do but these men are his peers and in many ways his betters (in that several of them win more consistently than he does). If he takes the asinine step of suing a group that he’s a member of, then they have little choice but to kick him out. And NO, Cowboys fans won’t stop following the Cowboys if Jones is forced to sell. Real fans don’t care about the owner of their team; most fans just want the owner to shut up and stay out of the way (which Jones can’t seem to do).

  12. Jerry wants to be the Commissioner plain and simple. That said, it is very laughable that they are going to give the marketing guru, Roger, who is not a lawyer but a marketing guy, $50,000,000 a year to run the league.

  13. Al Davis never had a force sale of his franchise. It is laughable. Absolute worst case scenario, Stephen buys the team from Jerry.

    If the NFL commissioner tries to bully owners, I think he’ll lose support faster than a Russell Wilson concussion evaluation.

    The NFL owners approve all sales of franchises(Teams), good try thou….

  14. Chill !! It won’t happen. And I’m not even a Cowboys fan to say the least. Common business sense would tell you it would take years of expensive litigation and neither side wants that. Will Goodell prevail ? Yes. Will Jerry Jones finally come to grips and just let the suspension alone and be done with it ? Yes.

  15. Head of the compensation committee is Arthur Blank. When Blank’s Falcon’s got caught straight up cheating by piping in crowd noise when the other team was in the huddle. There was talk of huge fines, loss of 1st rnd draft pick(s) etc in particular with how harshly Goodell had dealt with items with no proof at all only speculation.

    Instead they were fined and lost only a 5th rnd pick the following year. Now Blank just benefitted from having Dallas’ best player under suspension when they played yesterday.

    If you want preferential treatment you apparently need to be on the compensation committee when the commish’s contract is coming up…

  16. I am certainly no fan of Jerry Jones. I think he’s a massively ego driven me me me guy.
    I always root for the. Owboys to lose….just because of Jerry.
    However, Roger Goodell is a commissioner making multiple mistakes and hurting the league. In that regard…I’m with Jerry.
    I agree that Goodell should not be renewed. He was wrong on Deflategate and he has totally mishandled the Social Justice Warriors.
    I think Goodell screwed that up totally and really hurt the league as a result.
    Goodell should not be renewed.

  17. From my understanding – Jones and the City of Dallas owns the stadium. The NFL only helped pay for it with a marginal “LOAN” … I say marginal in considering how much that behemoth of a stadium cost. If they forcibly take the team, Jerry would undoubtedly keep the stadium. The team would then be forced to rent the stadium from Jerry under his conditions. Or the NFL would be forced to move the team. From how I’m seeing things (and I could be mistaken as I’m no lawyer) the NFL can not win this battle.

  18. I don’t see what’s so funny about all your business partners wanting to kick you out of the business. Roger Goodell is the best pro sports commissioner in the history of sports. Nobody has ever made more money for the owners than Goodell has made for the football owners.

  19. So they’ll go after Jones for suing the league over its corruption, but let con man Haslam own a team when the Browns have been 41 mil under the cap last year and 63 mil this year, with obvious intent to never put a competitive product on the field?

    That’s Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League in a nutshell and why Roger absolutely must go.

  20. Think about this, folks: We’re talking about the Dallas Cowboys here. Love them or hate them, they’re responsible for a huge chunk of the NFL’s revenue. You try and push Jerry out, and he can probably do far, far more to harm the NFL than he’s doing by trying to make sure an objectively bad commissioner is held accountable for his own awfulness.

    Also keep in mind that Jerry Jones went into his own pocket roughly half a billion dollars (IIRC) to construct AT&T Stadium. I would imagine even if the NFL could force him to sell the team, they probably couldn’t force him to sell his ownership stake in AT&T Stadium or The Star (their billion-dollar practice facility). Imagine the leverage he has and the damage he could do there.

    The fact is if this were any other NFL owner, we would all be applauding what he’s doing. The fans HATE Roger Goodell and honestly it’s an outrage that they’re just moving on with extending this guy’s contract as though he doesn’t get constantly booed at every time fans come into contact with him, or as though he doesn’t bungle literally every major disciplinary decision that reaches his desk.

  21. If the league were to take the team for Jerry, the NFL could move them to San Diego. We have a spare stadium, no team, and a fan base already used to rooting for a losing team.

  22. May take litigation but the league can force him to sell if they want. It’s an agreed to by-law that Jerry agreed to.

    Simple as that.

    Jerry needs to remember that he’s not the only billionaire in the room with ego and money. And also – I think if there was a forced sale to anyone other than his son – that much hyped Forbes value is very UNLIKELY to be realized.

  23. At some point the constant speculation from this website and this writer in particular will lose its credibility. How many times has something been reported “anonymously” only to have absolutely nothing come of it?

  24. The NFL Commissioner has many things in common with Jeffrey Skilling. Both dramatically increased the profits of their respective enterprise, both are liars and both are frauds, with Skilling being the only one thus far having being convicted.

    Roger Goodell has no plan to prevent a dramatic NFL profits decline owing to the following:

    1. player demands for CTE compensation and lifelong medical plans
    2. growing cultural perception that football is violent, dangerous and unhealthy
    3. unfavorable demographic trends with the decline of Boomers and ascent of Millennials.
    4. unfavorable tax changes, such as the disallowance of using municipal bonds to fund sports stadiums
    5.removal of the NFL’s anti-trust exemption, which allows the NFL to inflate prices for tickets and gear, and permits collusion among team owners

  25. If they kick him out, Jerry will just take his $5.6B net worth and bring along a couple partners like Mark Cuban ($3B net worth) and start his own league.

  26. Jerry will just take his $5.6B net worth and bring along a couple partners like Mark Cuban ($3B net worth) and start his own league.
    chump change. will get buried.

  27. As he laughs nervously. Ask Donald Sterling about that Steven. Better tell Pops to be quiet since pretty much Daniel Snyder and maybe Mark Davis because he helped him get the Las Vegas deal are pretty much his only allies he can count on.

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