Vance Joseph gives Brock Olivo a vote of confidence

Getty Images

Not many Broncos fans have confidence in special-teams coordinator Brock Olivo. Does the head coach of the team?

“I do, and here’s why,” Broncos coach Vance Joseph told reporters on Monday. “I’m in his meetings every day and he’s a detailed guy. He goes over those guys’ assignments over and over again. Lots of energy, he’s a very bright guy and he’s learned a guy who’s the best in the entire league.”

Joseph was referring to Chiefs special-teams coach Dave Toub, who is regarded by some as a viable head-coaching candidate for 2018.

“I watch [Olivo] work every day and the mistakes that we’ve had, Brock’s responsible and I’m responsible, but he hasn’t muffed a punt,” Joseph said. “I watch him work with our returners every day before, after and during practice. I work with the returners also, so I know what’s being taught there. I’m not down on Brock. That game yesterday was bad for us as far as the [special] teams. We had three errors, well actually four errors that lead to 24 points, but I’m fine with Brock. Brock works hard, he’s a young coach and he’s a bright coach. He’s going to be a great coach in my opinion.”

That all may be true, but Denver’s special-teams currently are struggling. And that’s ultimately the responsibility of the special-teams coach. And the performance of the team is ultimately the responsibility of the coach. And with the Broncos now losing five games in a row, at some point questions are going to emerge as to whether the entire staff will be a one-and-done proposition in Denver.