Washington prematurely said Ryan Grant was cleared in concussion evaluation

Getty Images

The Seahawks are being investigated for allowing Russell Wilson to speed through an extremely brief concussion evaluation on Thursday night, and the Colts are facing questions about why Jacoby Brissett was cleared to return to a game in which he suffered a concussion on Sunday. And then there’s the situation with Washington receiver Ryan Grant.

After Grant took a hard hit from Vikings defensive lineman Linval Joseph, the team announced that he was being evaluated for a concussion. Minutes later, the team announced that Grant had been cleared and would return to the game. Minutes after that, the team announced that the medical staff had decided to conduct further tests on Grant. And minutes after that, the team announced that Grant had been ruled out and would not return to the game.

Coach Jay Gruden confirmed after the game that Grant is in the concussion protocol.

What’s unclear is why Grant was initially OK’d to return, but it sounds like yet another case, as with Wilson and Brissett, of a player being pronounced ready to go before a thorough investigation has been conducted. That’s something the NFL needs to put to a stop.