Cameron Wake struggling to find answers for Dolphins troubles

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Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake is having difficulty explaining performances like Monday night’s loss to the Carolina Panthers.

“I’m lost, honestly,” Wake said after the game. “To me, it’s not even just about the game it’s losing doing things obviously that we’ve shown that we know how to do. We stop the run most often, more days than not. We usually get after the quarterback. We do a lot of things well normally. And those things tonight, we didn’t do well. It’d be one thing if we were always giving up yards like that or always dropping the ball or miscommunicating or doing whatever but it’s frustrating when you don’t do the things you do well. So, I don’t know.

The Panthers put up 548 yards of total offense and rushed for 294 yards in handing the Dolphins a 45-21 defeat. Carolina scored touchdowns on five straight drives and on six of their final seven full possessions of the game. The breakdowns of Miami’s defense have left Wake searching for answers.

“This isn’t acceptable. It’s unacceptable to me,” Wake said.

Despite having won four games this season, the Dolphins have the fourth-worst point differential in the NFL. Only the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts have been outscored by a greater margin through 10 weeks of the season. A 16-10 win over the Tennessee Titans was Miami’s only victory this season be more than a field goal margin. They’ve lost three different games by at least 20 points, including Monday night against the Panthers.

Miami has managed to win a few games to keep them in the playoff chase. The games they’ve lost, they’ve lost by an average of 20 points per game. Wake said Miami’s offense did enough Monday night. The defense didn’t do its part.

“We have to play consistently,” Wake said. “This inconsistency is a thing that’s killing us. We got to get back to being that team that does the things well that we did well the first half of the season and the last few games it hasn’t been that way.”

5 responses to “Cameron Wake struggling to find answers for Dolphins troubles

  1. How is their D Coordinator still employed? It’s not like there’s no talent on that unit. It looks like the players are just mailing it in.

  2. First of all Miami’s LBs are horrible. Alonso was out of position most of the night and when he was he couldn’t make a tackle. When you have injuries and start plugging in guys off the street who are old, slow, and were retired that speaks to your front office who can’t draft well because if they did, you wouldn’t have to look outside your roster for the next man up. Unfortunately Stephen Ross is the owner and keeps hiring the wrong people to run the team.

  3. There are answers as long as you’re willing to actually look. The Miami defense can play well but their strategy for getting to Cam early and rattling him also works against them. If they give up a big play on a drive they cannot seem to recover. A couple good drives in a row against them and they start looking for somebody ELSE to make a play. Miami does not disguise anything. I knew what that TD play was going to be the moment Cam started to audible and the WR had a cake walk down the left sideline.

    I’m not sure why Wake or anybody else claims they get after the QB well. I do not believe they do. It is rare when they overwhelm an offensive line. They get hits on the QB but that is misleading. If a QB gets 5 seconds to throw but then gets hit immediately after he throws it then it is marked as a QB hit. Several of those in a game and the Dolphins have 12 QB hits and it looks on paper like they were pressuring the QB. Most games I see the DL engage the OL and then they both rise to vertical and push each other right there until the play is over. Wake can sometimes get by his man and he does have some sacks but their performance is not indicative of a heavy pass rush. Their defense seems pretty vanilla to me and decent QBs can audible into mismatches and exploit them. The LBs didn’t have a good game and Alonso looked particularly bad a few times by the rookie. I can’t blame him all that much for that as McCaffery can stop on a dime. He would have mady many LBs look bad last night.

  4. It’s embarrassing to be a dolphin fan right now, the defence is over rated, the offensive line can’t block. This team is horrible. They are lucky they won 4 games. I am done watching this team try to play football. watching garbage like this is simply not worth my time.

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