David Johnson got cast off his wrist

Getty Images

Cardinals running back David Johnson took a step forward in his recovery from the dislocated wrist that has kept him out of all but one game this season.

Johnson posted a video to Twitter on Monday to announce that he had the cast removed from his left arm. Johnson showed off his ability to move and flex the wrist while noting that the “range of motion” was already starting to come back.

Johnson will need more progress in that area while also working to strengthen the wrist after such a long layoff before he can seriously think about playing again this season. Johnson has made it clear that he wants to return to action, but there’s no certainty that will happen.

His health is only part of that equation. Should Johnson be ready to play the last couple of games, the Cardinals’ record will likely be a factor in any decision to put him back on the field as the risk could outweigh the reward if Arizona’s got no chance to make the playoffs. With their record currently at 4-5 and quarterback Carson Palmer heading up a growing list of players that have joined Johnson on injured reserve, that scenario may be the likeliest one for the Cardinals.