Dirk Koetter: No discussion of Jameis Winston missing the rest of the season

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Before the Buccaneers faced the Jets on Sunday, Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht said that quarterback Jameis Winston may be out for an “extended period” because of the right shoulder injury that kept him from playing in the 15-10 win.

Given how much time is left in the season and the Bucs’ 3-6 record, some may wonder whether that period could extend all the way through the end of the season. If Winston misses a month and Tampa falls out of any realistic playoff contention, would the team bring him back?

Coach Dirk Koetter said Monday that there’s been no discussion of such a scenario.

“I do [expect Winston back],” Koetter said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “From what I know, I do. But again, it was rest him for two weeks, see where he’s at. We talked to multiple doctors. That’s what the plan is. There’s really nothing to add to that right now. I know Jameis is planning on playing again and there’s been no discussion between Jason, myself of him not playing again. That would all be something that would have to come up in the future.”

While Koetter may not be thinking about Winson missing the rest of the year, he is thinking about the possibility of getting Ryan Griffin some time in the lineup. Koetter said “it would be good while we have this situation to get Ryan Griffin into a game,” something that would seem a lot more likely if the Bucs are playing out the string come December.

5 responses to “Dirk Koetter: No discussion of Jameis Winston missing the rest of the season

  1. The “Eat a W” was one of the creepier things I’ve ever seen in my years watching the NFL.

  2. Why wouldn’t you at least talk about it? Failing to plan, is planning to fail. (I believe they probably have talked about it. They are just afraid to say it publicly)

  3. Maybe they are using his injury as an excuse to see if they can get some wins with someone more reliable… If they can’t, Winston comes back, if they can winston sits out the season and see what happens next season…

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